Another Beautiful Day

I am once again on the VIA Train, on my way home from Ottawa where I have been visiting family and looking for a house.  The sun is shining and it is warm (relatively) and pleasant. 

Most of the leaves are off the trees but there are some which are still brilliant with colour.  I love the reds, oranges, and yellows of fall.  Nature is so clever!

The car I am in is one of a new type for VIA Rail.  There are two seats on one side and a single on the other.  I have a single and it is very nice to be able to spread out my things –  netbook, cell phone, eReader.  I’ve spent the first two hours checking out the blogs I follow, commenting on them, and replying to my commenters.  VIA introduced Free WiFi a couple of years ago and it sure has made the time pass more quickly on all my back-and-forths from Oshawa to Ottawa!

We are just pulling in to Kingston and I should be home in less than two hours.  I’ll have to get some reading done somehow!

Have a good day and happy blogging!



6 responses

  1. I haven’t been on a train in decades … we usually drive or fly. Wish there were train service between here and where I head to in the USA that was direct. I do love the single seat, though, unless I traveling with Mac. It does make it nice to not have anybody impinge on my space.

  2. another first class post from your first class seat on the train.
    I too love the train but we don’t have any in Bermuda at all. But a few times I have taken it in Canada (with you most recently) and then last year Ray and I took the train from Vermont to NY. It was terrific. we did go first class (my style for sure). When the train was getting ready to leave, the train guy (??conductor) came and said that there is free coffee and tea for all first class passengers. I said “Thanks so much; I’ll have a cup of tea please” He chuckled and said, “Ah, you have to go get it yourself” lol I was so embarrassed.

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