It’s My Move!

We are moving!  Yes, we got a new house in Ottawa and we are moving there on December 15th. 

It was a week of negotiations and visiting houses and phone calls and texting.  Hubby started the ball rolling and I ran with it.  He stayed in Ottawa only for the weekend and the rest of the week I was the one doing it all.

Now comes the fun part.  Continue the downsizing, donating or tossing out things no longer needed, and packing up what is.

Phone for movers, change-of-address notices, utilities to be cancelled and arranged for the new house, new phone number,doctors to find, drapes and curtains to make.

I pray the weather doesn’t interfere with the move.  But we live in Canada and it will be December and the weather is always an uncertainty. 

The last time we moved about 18 years ago, it was also on December 15.  The weather that day was sunny and +14º C (around 60º F).  Perfect.  Let’s hope for the same this move.

My daughters and their children are all very excited that we are going to be in the same city and in time for Christmas! I also have three brothers and a sister there as well as my cousin who was a childhood friend.

While I am really looking forward to this move I am very sad to be leaving my dear, dear friends who have been so important to me over the last twenty years.

Follow along with me as we get ready to move on up to Ottawa!

8 responses

  1. Don’t stress about it. Take one day at a time. You will be tired but can relax over Christmas in your own new home. (so to speak)
    Remember, the computer is the last thing you unhook so keep the posts coming!
    All the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Best advice I can give (from someone who has moved a LOT) is to get rid of stuff BEFORE you move. I know you are short on time with a December 15th move in date, but trust me on this. I want you to be the one person who doesn’t say, “why the heck did I pack this?” 🙂 Seriously I hope you have a great move and I’m SO envious of you getting to live near your grandbabies. Hope you have an smooth move.

    • I’ve also moved a lot and I know that when I think I will be able to sort after the move, I never get to it. So that’s exactly what we are doing now! We have piles for Value Village and the Electronic recycling centre. Thanks for the good wishes.

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