How to Have a Conversation (with your grandmother)

Most of us already know how to have a conversation with our peers. If I meet a woman of a certain age, we can be talking like best friends in a few minutes. In fact, one of my new closest friends became my buddy just through a conversation in our local library.

This blog post is mainly for the young person who finds himself or herself, without the support and loving companionship of their smart phone or tablet, facing Grandma across the table. You could begin talking about your video game stats, your friend’s cat, or how much you love or hate a TV show.


You could start this way. “Grandma, where did you go to school? What was your most difficult subject? When or why did you decide to become a … teacher, artist, electrician, nurse, police officer? Are you happy you did?

Did you have your own bedroom when you were a kid? Who was your favourite sibling? What games did you play? Who was your best friend? Are you still friends?

What did you do to help your family? How old were you when you got your first job?  What was the worst job you ever had? What job do you wish you could have done?

Were you ever bullied? How did you handle it? What was the nicest thing a friend did for you? Did you ever stand up for a friend who was having a difficult time?

Did you ever have a birthday party? What was your best gift? What was the best gift you gave someone else? How did they react?

What was your favourite book when you were young. Why did you like it so much? Have you ever re-read it? Who is your favourite author now?

Is there a country, city, location, that you would like to visit? What would you do if you were there right now?”

These questions can be applied to any situation where you are faced with someone you don’t know much about.

Grandma can ask grandchild, you can ask a neighbour or colleague, kids can ask other kids.

Just show some interest! You might learn something new about someone. A relationship can result. You just never know where it will lead. It might turn out to be one of the best things you ever did.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day! – Maureen