Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 46th wedding anniversary!   Yes, we’ve had more than four and a half decades together.  We have grown old together and I pray that we will have many more years together.

My husband is from the Northwest Territories in the far north of Canada, and we met while he was still in his final year of Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  I was a recent graduate in Arts and Education and I left my native Nova Scotia to teach in Edmonton.

We  met in September, were engaged by December, and were married the next summer in Nova Scotia

From the beginning, we prayed that God would bless our marriage and he certainly has.  He has brought us through sorrows and has brought us joy.

The last forty-six years have been full.  Our four daughters, four sons-in-law, and eight grandchildren have been the biggest blessings.  I can’t explain how much I love my grandchildren, but those of you who are grandparents can understand.  It is the best of the best!  The creme de la creme!

Today we will visit the library, do some errands, check on our daughter’s house, stroll through the air-conditioned mall, go for tea and coffee at Tim Horton’s, have a celebratory dinner out, and finally we will dance together to Try To Remember, “our” song.  We do this every year on our anniversary.  Every year we dance and I cry.  And I remember the September we met.

We are approaching December.  It’s probably late November, but life has slowed down and we are happy.  Together.

Thank you, Lord!