Back in the (Bicycle) Saddle Again

“Spring” Bicycle Season Opens on the Greenboro Trail

Here in Canada’s capital city, Spring has been a long time coming.  We have had an amount of snow that would strike terror into residents of Vancouver or Phoenix, for example.  We had a huge snowstorm just last week and several in the month of March.

Every year, our family has a “First Robin of Spring” watch.  One year I spotted one on March 17th.  Last year, it was March 7th.  Today is March 24th and NO ROBIN yet!  Hey, they may be bird-brained but they’re not stupid.  Would you fly into a city where there is not one square inch of exposed soil to hop around on? The snow on our front lawn is at least three feet deep and the snow banks formed when shovelling the driveway will take weeks of warmer weather to disappear.

I have always told my daughters that by the end of March, every year, ALL of the snow will have melted.  This year, I may be called on to defend my proclamation.  BUT…..

Today, my husband and biking partner got out the bicycles, cleaned and oiled them, and we went out for the first cycle of “spring”.  It was not very spring-like, but it got up to +2C, which is about 35F!  It seemed balmy to us.  The Greenboro trail was mainly clear, with icy patches, and monster puddles of water caused by the melting snow.

The fun!  The excitement! Oh the joys of being back in the (bicycle) saddle again.

Maureen enjoying a lovely spring day on the Greenboro Trail

Maureen enjoying a lovely spring day on the Greenboro Trail