In the Queen’s Purse

I just saw a photo of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II wearing a matching dress, coat, and hat, and there on her arm was a lovely leather (I assume) handbag.

Do you ever wonder how long it takes her to switch things from one purse to another? She probably has it marked in her daily schedule.

But WHAT is in her purse? To find the answer to this question, I have conducted a scientific study of the matter.

She is a woman. I am a woman. (This is the basis of my study.)

  1. A wallet. Okay, she doesn’t need a wallet but where else is she going to keep her ID? Her driver’s licence? Her Air Miles Card?
  2. A comb. I suppose she could have a lady-in-waiting carry her comb for her but what if said lady is nowhere to be found and Elizabeth’s locks need attending to?
  3. Bus Pass. If her limo has a break-down, she has to be able to get home. They probably have a senior’s pass for older queens.
  4. Cell phone. If you spent half your day being driven around the countryside, you’d want to have a chat with the kids and grandkids, wouldn’t you?
  5. An eReader. For those long plane/train rides. It would get just too boring looking out the window at clouds and farms.
  6. Gum. Well, it is refreshing after a banquet. Helps settle the royal tummy.
  7. A pencil and the London Times crossword puzzle. If the after-dinner speeches go on too long, this would come in handy.
  8. Nail clippers. Very useful for those jagged fingernail edges, brought on by the previously mentioned speeches.
  9. Keys. Now I had a problem with this one. I have one house. The queen has Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle, etc. etc. etc. The keys could get a little heavy.  Add to this the many cars she owns, and perhaps a lady-in-waiting could be hired especially to carry the key chain, possible like the ones custodians tote on their belts.
  10. Sunglasses. These may be very useful to limit exposure to harsh sunlight and they have the added benefit of allowing Her Majesty to take forty winks without any of her subjects being the wiser.

The queen may have other things in her purse. Cash. Lip balm. Throat lozenges. But I think these ten items are essentials, and would make the transition from purse to royal purse.

Have a lovely spring day. – Maureen