Computer Wars

I am really mad at all my computers, my internet service provider, my email accounts, cell phone, iPod, Netbook, digital camera, remote controls, and the Internet.  The only electronic device in the house that I am not upset with is my Kobo ereader.  That is working just fine.  The way it is supposed to work.  The rest.  I wish I could just chuck them all in the recycling bin!  I’m mad as heck and I’m not going to take it anymore.

  • Camera – I got a new one and it takes beautiful pictures but I cannot email any of the photos to anyone.  I don’t know why!  You should see these possibly award-winning pictures.  Oh, you can’t because I can’t email them! What the heck is the use of a camera with photos that I have to have printed
  • Cell phone – I can take lovely photos with my new cell phone.  But guess what!  I can’t email any of them to anyone!  I don’t know why!  Oh, I said that already. 
  • Netbook – I don’t know why I’m mad at my netbook except that it is what I use to publish my blog posts and I cannot even load photos into my blog posts any more.  I used to be able to but I tried again last night and I got so frustrated that I gave up after only 17 tries.
  • Computers – We have a lot of computers in our house and I’m furious with most all of them.  They seem to have been invented to make me feel like  an old coot.  They give me the rudest messages.  Honestly.  I think they know it’s me and they get together and plan ways to frustrate me.

My resident computer techie and I are about to try some disgnostic tests which we hope will solve the whole darn problem.  However, it may make the whole internet thingy shut down and we could lose our service for a few days and I won’t be able to get email or send photos to anyone.  Oh, wait! I can’t do that now. 

As part of the test, I am going to try to upload a picture to this post after our network has been reconfigured.  If the picture get through then we’ve been successful.  If not, then….

The picture I've been trying to download.

 Seems like it is a router problem.  We’re not quite there but progress has been made.  I’m going to try to upload another photo.  Here goes.

Apples at Apple Fest 2011. The second photo in our test.

Talk to you soon, or maybe not!   :  )


9 responses

  1. I think you should DECLARE WAR on your techie stuff right now!!!!
    No wonder you are pissed…oops, mad…..
    Lean out the window and yell to all the neighbors, “I’m sick of it and I’m not going to take it anymore!” someone just may make a movie about it…what? oh??? already done? well the idea was good wasn’t it?

    • Whee! We just got one computer working right. The picture actually was uploaded to my post!!! Now, just two computers, my iPod, cell phone and netbook to go! PS – I said “we” but it was actually the resident techie who has it working. You won’t believe what I’ve had to promise to do for him just to get to this point.

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