A Healthy Week

I’ve been trying to get healthy and fit and this week I was very successful.

I was able to exercise every day, using the Wii Fit, walking at the mall with the Sneakers Club, and doing yard work, getting ready for winter.  I’ve started using my pedometer again and have been able to walk almost 10,000 steps every day. 

With the Wii Fit, I exercised about 35 – 40 minutes a day, doing aerobics, strength training,  balance exercises, and stretches.  My Wii Fit age ranged from 35 to 75!!!  I’m afraid I had difficulty doing some of the balance exercises.  Hence the 75. Remember I’m only 66.  The machine would say , “Balance is not really your thing, is it.”  So funny!

While walking at the mall, I discovered that my walking “across Canada” was updated and I am now in Deer Lake, Newfoundland.  Only about 7500 Km. to go to the finish.  But hey, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!

Today we did yard work together with hubby mowing and me raking.  I raked all the walnuts up into a pile just waiting for our neighbours to come and get them but they’d better hurry – the squirrels are having a feast with them. 

I also ate very well this week.  Still no junk food and it all seems so easy.  No temptations, not even the Hallowe’en candy my hubby bought.

I was also busy with my watercolour painting  and managed to complete three paintings.  I am happy with them and enthusiastic about beginning a new one this coming week.

To complete the healthy week for mind, body, and spirit, today was day 309 of my read the Bible in a year challenge.  I have also read 81 books since Christmas, and have started my 82nd, Heat Rises, by Richard Castle.

We’re expecting a lot of rain this week so exercising may be a challenge, but I’m up for it.

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