No More Winter

This past weekend was an absolute beauty!!!  It was sunny and warm, around 20ºC (70ºF) with not much wind, just a gentle breeze.

Here in Ottawa we have the annual Tulip Festival which started this weekend.  It goes until after Victoria Day which will be celebrated in a couple of weeks.  The tulips are incredibly beautiful and there are all sorts of activities.  My friend, Eleanor, and her husband are coming to take part with us and we are trying to find different things to do and places to go to.  I know there are some musicians performing at various locations and there are several art shows where local artists display their works.  That should be fun.  Eleanor and I are fellow artists and enjoy seeing what other artists are up to.

I’d like to share the story behind the Festival.  During WWII, the Queen of Holland came to Canada to escape the Nazis.  While she was here, she gave birth to a daughter.  The problem was, according to Dutch law, the next monarch had to be born in the Netherlands and she was in Canada.  The Canadian Government helped out by declaring her hospital room a part of Holland and everyone was happy.  The little princess was born in Holland.

After the war, a grateful Dutch nation sent thousands of tulip bulbs to Canada as a gesture of thanks.  There are now an estimated 1,000,000 tulips here in Ottawa, most descendants of the original gift.

Victoria Day is a holiday here in Canada and has been since my mother was a child.  Queen Victoria’s birthday was May 24, and as her reign went on, she became the longest reigning monarch in at least English history, maybe elsewhere as well.  By the time of her death in 1901, she had been queen for over 61 years.  (As an aside, Queen Elizabeth II has been queen for 60 years, and she’s still going strong! Her mother lived to be 101!).

My grandson, Owen, has his eighth birthday on the 18th and Hubby will turn 67, to catch up to me, on the 20th!  We will be partying all weekend long, because Daughter #3, Carla, will be here for the weekend with her three boys!  We are babysitting granddaughters Amelia and Enid that weekend as well.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! – Maureen


So, good-bye Winter,  and welcome Spring!!!


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    • I can heartily recommend retirement. I worked until 65 and I think I deserve the time I am now enjoying. I am doing so many things I want to do! My eldest daughter got married in May and had red and yellow tulips as her bouquet. They are lovely and I enjoy thinking of them in the winter, under the snow and getting ready to sprout up. Thanks for dropping by. Have a good day. – Maureen

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