And Then I Cried

We moved in to our Ottawa home on Thursday.  There were a few minor hiccups and one moment of near panic, butother than that, the move went very well.

The moment of panic occurred the night we arrived in Ottawa, at around 8:30 p.m.  Our daughter had picked up the keys to our new house and we were going to spend the night with her.  I wanted to show the place to my husband who hadn’t seen it yet.  We couldn’t believe it when none of the keys worked!!!

Then the moving company phoned that they were leaving Toronto at 3 a.m. and would be at our new house by 9.  The realtor’s office didn’t open until 8:30 a.m. and although we drove through Ottawa’s rush hour traffic, we received a call from the movers that they were in front of the house, just as we walked into the realtor’s office. 

They found us another key and the day began.  Two minor details – our sofa wouldn’t fit through any of the doors, and they couldn’t get our box spring up the stairs!  So we are sleeping on our mattress on the floor and plan to buy a new bed with a split box spring.

At supper time, our two daughters and their husbands and children came to visit and the unpacking and setting up went into overdrive.  The men measured the windows for blinds and curtains.  They taped up temporary “blinds” and put together tables and chairs.  Our daughters set up the kitchen and we all sat down to supper together.

After supper, the kids were playing together on the floor in the living room.  Owen had brought a hand-made dreidel  and they were taking turns with it.  I looked at them there in our new home, and I started crying.  Half of my grandchildren were there and three more should be visiting within a couple of weeks.  The eighth is still in Hawaii with his Mom and Dad.

We are very happy.  My husband loves the house as much as I do and the dream I have had for more than five years, of living in the same city as several of our grandchildren, really has come true. 

I can still hardly believe it!



10 responses

  1. Very touching and dare I say it? “moving”…..
    well done my sister and fellow blogger.
    May God grant you and John good health and happiness for many years to come.
    Enjoy your daughters, their husbands extraordinaire and those darling grandchildren.!!!
    Love ya sister

    • Thanks, so much, Maria. Hope you had a happy birthday. We love our new house and are settling in nicely. There are still things we can’t find and many of the boxes are unpacked but we are doing quite well and exploring our area.

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