I’ve been watching the Tour de France on TSN.  The riders are cycling for 21 days, over 3,000 km, and up and down the Pyrenees and Alps.  Some of them are sprinters and some are climbers.  It would be rare to find a person who did both very well.  Some win individual stages but are unlikely to even place in the final standings.  They strategize and work in teams to help the rider they think is most likely to be on the podium.  When you look at the race like this it becomes fascinating.

I need to be motivated to get in shape and to eat healthy.  I remember reading a quote from Clara Hughes, the Canadian woman who won medals in both winter Olympics (speed skating) and summer Olympics (bicycling).  She said that she knew there would be pain in the training stage, but that instead of stopping, she decided to embrace the pain.  Yesterday, Mark Cavendish, one of the Tour sprinters, was struggling through a brutal mountain stage.  If I understood him correctly he said that at 10 km to go he didn’t think he could do it but he pushed on and at 5 km to go, he thought maybe he’d make it.

For me there would be pain in exercising more than I already do, because for the past five years or so I have been suffering from osteoarthritis, in my shoulder, neck, and hip.  I did read, though, that arthritis sufferers who pushed themselves to keep moving and to exercise did better in the long run than those who sat back and took it easy.  I imagine that as you slow down your exercise, you would be able to do less and less.  I was always a sporty person, who ran, played baseball, basketball, and tennis, and skated and cross-country skied in the winter.  I have to take charge of my life in retirement and find ways to exercise in spite of the pain.

The eating part is easy (I wish)!  Eat better food.  I’m not sure why I find it difficult to make wise food choices and I’m not sure it even matters.  What matters is doing it.  I’m not going to try to be perfect or to expect myself to have all the answers quickly, but I do intend to start.

Right after I return from my trip to Bermuda!!!

I’ll try to do a post tomorrow but Tuesday is a travel day, so if I can figure out how to use my sister’s computer, you may expect a post on Wednesday.


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  1. I know what you mean about food choices. It seems junkie stuff is always right at hand. The thing is, I guess, is to not have those foods so available. My kids, when they come to visit say that my pantry and fridge isn’t fun anymore. HURRAY! I must be doing something right.

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