Old Girl, New Winter Sports

Over the last few days, my sister RVingGirl@wordpress.com and I have been engaging in a blogging duel, regarding winter.  Is it colder in Ottawa, Canada or in Bermuda, Subtropics?  Did you answer, “Bermuda”?


One of my commenters (who happens to be my own flesh and blood) suggested that I stop my complaining and take up a new winter sport that will help me appreciate the beautiful winter weather and all the opportunities it affords. 

Possible Winter Sports:

  • Skiing, cross-country – bad knees
  • Skiing, Downhill – terrified
  • Sledding – downhill – fine; uphill – too much work
  • Snowshoeing – shoes are too big.
  • Snowboarding – are you crazy?
  • Speed Skating – don’t know how to stop!
  • Figure Skating – get dizzy when I spin
  • Curling – I don’t sweep ice
  • Hockey – haven’t had a fist-fight for decades
  •  Luge – Okay, this is the one for me, because…

In this sport all you do is lie down, move your hips a little, and you’re a winner.  I can do that!

What winter sport do you think I should take up?