Hallowe’en Past

As kids, we loved Hallowe’en.  I remember drawing pictures of black cats in the moonlight and cutting out lanterns.  But most fun of all, was getting ready to go out trick or treating. 

We just dressed in anything we could get our hands on but I remember what my favourite “costume” was.  It was my Mom’s idea.  She braided my hair and then I dressed in my pajamas and bathrobe.  That was it.  I didn’t even have to get dressed for bed when I got home. I was ready to go to sleep!

With ten brothers and sisters, we each had a pillowcase and they were all full of apples and candy and chips.  When we got home we all emptied our cases on the living room floor.  The entire room was filled with our loot.  Mom was busy for weeks using all those apples for baking pies and other tasty treats.

Funny thing  is – I don’t remember the candy lasting more than a day or two.  I realize now that Mom would have just thrown it all out.  She wouldn’t have been able to stand the mess.

I think as children we were mostly unsupervised.  No one took us to dance class or choir practice or hockey or baseball.  We went by ourselves or with friends.  On Hallowe’en it was no different.  We went out in a little pack and visited homes we’d never been to before.

This year we have had 1 child come trick or treating.  She was about 10 years old and was dressed as  Smurfette.  She looked very cute.  Even her face was blue.  I gave her a whole handful of chocolate!

I can’t wait to see photos of my grandchildren.  They always enjoy it, almost as much as their parents do. 

I don’t really like the fact that Hallowe’en is now marketed to adults more than to children.  It just seems like it should be preserved for kids.  They don’t have that many special days.  I’d like to think they are making memories for their later years.  I know I did.