It’s My Move – Part 3

Every morning for the past month, I’ve woken up with a feeling that something good is happening.  Then I remember – we’re moving to Ottawa, to be closer to 3 of our 4 daughters.  One lives in Vancouver, but I figure with all the money I’ll save NOT visiting these three, I’ll be able to fly out to Vancouver more often.

We also have eight grandchildren and we’ll be living near seven of them.  It will be very different for us, and we are looking forward to the adventure.

Here’s what we’ve been doing for the last week.  We have made numerous visits to the Dump, where the guys who work there now greet us and we exchange pleasantries.  Did I tell you my husband owns/owned a gazillion books?  He has told the moving company he will be taking only 1,000 books with him and we have been donating the excess to the library and to local charities.

Today we drove by Value Village and he wanted to stop in for a quick look around.  I think he feels like he has visitation rights to those books and he wants to check up on them.  I let him go in by himself.  I think he’d like to be alone with them.

We went to The Moving Store and bought cardboard boxes and packing tape.  They have a showroom with displays set up of all the different boxes and what they are used for.  Book boxes, dishes, lamps, mirrors, paintings, clothing, and wardrobe boxes to name a few. 

Took them home, put them together, and started filling them.  Needless to say, tomorrow we have to go back to get some more boxes.  We have more magazines, etc. for recycling tomorrow and we are preparing for next week’s Large Garbage Pickup #2. 

Daughter #4 is coming next weekend to give us a hand and I’d like to have most of the house packed and ready to go.  Moving Day is only 10 days away and there’s still a lot to be done.

I’ve made a list of all the items still in the freezer and posted it on the fridge door.  As I use them, I check them off the list. I’m also cleaning as I go, so there’s not as much to do on the last day.

Hydro, water, gas have been notified of our moving date, and we’ve set up the same to be started at the other end.  On|December 16, Daughter #2 is driving up from Montreal to Ottawa to give us a hand with the unpacking.  She’ll arrive the day after we do.  It’s only a two-hour drive and we are looking forward to seeing her.  Her help will be welcome.

On Wednesday evening a couple of friends are hosting a dinner party for Hubby and me to say good-bye to all the friends we’ve made in our twenty years in Oshawa.  I know I’ll be crying but a few of us are already planning visits.

The weather is still holding out.  No snow yet and we are praying for good weather for the whole move.  After December 15, it would be nice to have a little snow!

Another busy week ahead, with so much to do.  I am so excited!!!





It’s My Move, Part 3 -The Dump

When I was a child in Nova Scotia, our town had a Dump.  Dad sometimes took some of us kids on a trip to drop trash off and I can tell you it was an exciting experience.  Things were happening there!

When my little sister was a teenager, she had a couple of friends who went parking and necking at… yes, the DUMP!!!  How romantic can a guy get?  I mean, the smell alone… But to each his own, I guess. 

We have been downsizing, gradually, for many months.  But in the last couple of weeks, it has taken on a new urgency, because we found a house and are moving to Ottawa in December, just days before Christmas. 

In less than two weeks, we have gotten rid of about a quarter of the junk stuff in our house.  We have made eight trips to the Waste Management Facility (The Dump) and got rid of scores of computers, computer parts, and other assorted electronics (not that my husband is a hoarder or anything). 

I still love the dump!  Things are hoppin’ there!  There are bulldozers and tractors everywhere.  There are men, young men, working and flexing their .. oops, I got carried away for a second. 

And it is so organized!  You drive in, get weighed (your car, not you, thank God) . You drop off your stuff and get weighed again on the way out.  There are different “stations” for each type of trash. 

Wood goes in one area, styrofoam another, cardboard, paper, hard cover and soft cover books others.  There is a section for oil, paint, hazardous household waste, electronics, appliances, and there is an area all by itself, in a far corner, for … Toilets.  There is a mound of them about twenty feet high. If you brought your toddler there, he would want to explore and use every single one.

All of the young men who work there are amazingly cheerful.  They  greet you with a smile, wish you a good day and actually thank you for visiting and bringing your grungy toilet or whatever.  They comment on the weather which has been unseasonably warm and sunny.  

People are running around, dropping off a stack of cardboard here and then running across the road to drop off styrofoam in the little building over there.  I saw a young woman, blond, fashionably dressed, pick up a couple of heavy computers from the back of her truck and toss them in the electronic bin like a couple of  paperback books.

I saw one of the young workers today and I commented to him, “I love this place.”  He answered in a booming voice, “So do I.  I love it so much that I come here almost every day.” I left there happy.

We have also taken several loads of used books to the library and many, many things to Value Village.  We have sold a few items on Kijiji and have actually managed to pack a few things.

We hired a moving company this week, so that is a load of our minds.  We are too old to be loading  and unloading  a truck.  Our daughters will be happy to hear that since I know they worry about us.  Things are going well and we are progressing as we should.

The next challenge will be Monday’s large garbage pickup.  How are we going to get the heavy things down to the curb?  I can picture us, two 66 year olds, pushing and pulling, and grunting, and hopefully not expiring, as we manhandle the old heavy floor-model TV set or the heavy oak desk that is 5 and a half feet long, down the driveway and onto the grass near the street. 

We’ll probably be on YouTube next week!

It’s My Move – Part 2

Packing and tossing and donating!

That’s been the rhythm of the last week.  Actually, tossing comes first, then donating and then packing. 

We have recycling pickup every week and really I should have taken a photo of the MOUNTAIN of paper, cardboard, magazines, and books that we had out at our curb.  We weren’t sure they would take it all, so had planned that when the truck came around the corner, I would run out and we would offer to help throw it in the truck.  Then we said a prayer that there would be no problems.

When I talked to the guy, he just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it all.”  And he did!  One strong (nice) young man and the mountain was moved.  Thank you!!!

Yesterday afternoon my hubby put a couple of ads on Kijiji.  Have you ever heard of it?  You can place an ad for FREE and sell everything from cars to cardboard!  It like a computer “classified” section.

Last night we sold the drafting table.  I had used it for my art but there won’t be room in the new house, so out it went.  I think the most satisfying part was that it went to a young man who is a student studying sheet metal and he needed it for his homework.  He was happy and so were we!

We even got our house on Kijiji!  Can you believe it?  A house!  On Kijiji!

Next weekend I will be doing a post on THE DUMP, so don’t miss it.  Complete with photos. I’m going to try to get a picture of one particular area that you will NOT believe!  Hope to find a few minutes to post throughout the week.