Ya Gotta Love the Swedes

The first time I went to an IKEA store was 20 years ago.  We went to buy some furniture for our daughter Monica’s new bedroom.  We drove to Scarborough where we saw the most  massive building painted Swedish blue and yellow.  Honestly we spotted it about 15 kilometres before we pulled in to the parking lot.  After rotating dazedly through the maze of aisles, we picked up our items, paid at the cash and left for home.

Fast forward 18 years!  I was visiting our daughter Lindi  in Vancouver and on my second last day there we went to  IKEA to shop and for supper. Here’s the important part – we went with my son-in-law who is from Sweden.  Jim and Lindi and their son Emil had just returned from a two-month trip to Sweden and they were anxious to show me the ropes. 

You see on my first visit, I didn’t know that there was a plan to the place. There are even arrows on the floor to tell you in which direction to walk!  Everything is beautifully displayed and there are little cards that tell you to pick up your larger items in Aisle B, Bin 3!  It was full of families and everyone was cheerful and happy. 

We had supper in the cafeteria which had a huge mural on the wall, of Midsummer’s Day in Sweden with the people all dressed in Swedish costumes.  Jim and Lindi said that the picture was from the next town to  Falun, where Jim’s parents lived.  I had Swedish meatballs in honour of the visit and they were very good indeed.

We made our way through the building and bought a few items.  Jim got me some cloudberry jam and I bought some Swedish hard bread which was very good.  It was a fantastic experience.  On my next visit to Vancouver, I requested a return visit to IKEA and they were happy to take me there.  It was a bonus for them because their son was tall enough to go in the children’s play area and we were able to shop with no interruptions from the little guy.

I’ve also been to the IKEA in Ottawa a couple of times.  Today was the latest trip there.  My daughter Carla had recommended the duvets and other bed linens to Monica and we bought some today.  They were very reasonable priced and Monica even got a new pillow.  She has her eye on a craft work station that was set up, and I think maybe she was thinking of her birthday coming up in October. 

I don’t know whether Michelle, our fourth daughter shops at IKEA but I’m willing to bet she does.  When I am conducting Camp Grandma at her house next week, I’ll ask her!

Tak (thanks) for reading.  Have a good weekend!