Only Money

When people have decided to purchase something, you often hear them say, “Hey, it’s only money.”  Sometimes I wonder where all my money goes.

Housing and food are givens and so are utilities and taxes.

But where else does my money go?

  • Books, Magazines, and Ebooks.  I probably spend a few hundred dollars a year on these items, despite the fact that we have a fabulous library here in Ottawa.  I am really trying to cut back but sometimes I feel like I just have to have the latest Jeffery Archer right away, for example.  In that case I buy the eBook which is cheaper than the hardcover.
  • Hair, Nails, Make-up.  Okay, I really save here.  I buy shampoo, conditioner, and hair dye, only when they are on sale.  I usually buy a bottle of nail polish a year, to paint  my toes for the summer season.  For make-up, I buy lipstick and eye-shadow once every two or three years.  I rarely wear make-up so it isn’t difficult.
  • Transportation.  This one is a good one for me.  Hubby and I take the bus only on “free” days, and buy our groceries, etc. to carry home.  Very rarely, I have to take the bus on a non-free day, and then I use tickets.  We bought a book of tickets ($15) four months ago and I still have most of them.  However, the city is getting rid of the “free” bus on Monday and Friday afternoons, so we will have to do some creative thinking to come up with some alternative plans.
  • Home Beautification. We moved to Ottawa a few months ago and decided to buy some new furniture and a new bed, as ours hadn’t been replaced for decades.  We spent about $2,000 but it is all paid off and NOT on a credit card.  That feels good!  I put in a very small garden in front of my house.  Plants and soil were a gift from my cousin, chairs from my daughter Monica, and some flowers from my daughter Michelle.  Cost to us $0.00!!!
  • Movies and Entertainment.  Absolutely nothing, although there are one or two movies I’d like to see sometime.  Most of our entertainment doesn’t cost anything – bike rides, walks, visits to parks, free concerts, even free cooking classes at the local community centre.
  • Restaurants. We probably spend a few hundred dollars a year eating out, but if you know me at all, you know we usually dine on the basis of two-for-one deals.
  • Electronic devices.  This could be embarrassing!  I am an electronic gadget lover!  I have two eReaders, a Netbook, a Laptop, and a regular computer.  I have an iPhone, and an iPod Touch, and several Memory Sticks (including a few free ones).  When I go anywhere to visit, I have a separate bag with cables for all my “toys”.  Hubby has multiple computers, monitors, memory sticks, hard-drives, and an Android phone.  I would say this probably runs into $1000.oo per year, as many of the items are now older, but still…

We really are blessed here in North America, but I feel that we should be aware of what we spend and how.  I have obviously cut back in some areas but I still have work to do!

Oh wait, I think there’s an app to help me calculate all that!

What about you?  What are your spending “pits”? – Maureen