Trigger Finger

If you’ve read my blog posts at all, you will know that I am a bit of a gadget person.  My daughters would state in no uncertain terms that I am absolutely insane about it and that I feel I always have to have the latest thing out there.  I have a regular computer, a laptop, a netbook, an iPod Touch, an iPhone, a Kobo Touch eReader, a Kobo Vox eReader, several computer-aided design devices, a digital camera, and many others.

I use these devices to write, phone, text, draw, take and edit photos, and play games.  This last has caused a heap of trouble for me.  In my blog post Unscramble Me, I wrote about having to delete the game, Scramble from my iPhone as it was literally causing me sleepless nights and a very bizarre dream-life.  Now I’ve had to delete Solitaire since I have developedTrigger Finger. Cue the ominous music.

I have been meeting once a week with my cousin, a retired nurse, and when I described what had been happening to me, she quickly said that it was probably what is called Trigger Finger.  But of course it has a long medical name that I can’t pronounce let alone spell.  I mean really, why would a senior citizen like me who has never gone near a gun suddenly have a condition called Trigger Finger?

When I wake up in the mornings, I can’t bend my finger.  It doesn’t really hurt much, but it can be very bothersome.  After running it under warm water for a while, I can bend it but it “pops”.  Research on the Internet uncovered the fact that we have no muscles in our fingers.  We use the muscles in our forearms to perform tasks like opening jars, etc.  Apparently the “popping” is caused because the tendons in the fingers move through a sort of sheath in the finger which can get swollen, resulting in the POP, as it has to squeeze through the narrowed opening.

I just want to warn you.  Don’t overdo it on all your toys and devices!  These arthritic-type things can hit like a ton of PCs and they can stay around forever.

Getting to sleep at night without my “games” is not really difficult as it is starting to get bright around 4:30 a.m. and I am pretty sleepy by 9 p.m., but what about when autumn rolls around again?  I shudder at the thought, but maybe I’ll think of something else to get me to sleep.  I wonder if my Hubby could help me with that.  You think?


Unscramble Me!!!

I am a very calm person, who rarely, if ever, becomes unglued.  Health scares?  I am a rock.  Financial woes?  Unruffled.  Flooded basements?  Unflustered.  Severe storms?  No problem.  Report card time?  Piece of cake.  Parent/Teacher Interviews?  Hah!

But, a matter has arisen that has me totally shaken.

I have a few good friends and many loving and lovely family members.  A few months ago, I was invited by Carla, my daughter, to play Words With Friends.  Little did I know that it was the thin edge of the wedge!  You know how it is – you start out slow, playing just to be sociable.  Before you know it, you are totally strung out on Triple Word Points or Double Letter, Double Word Points.  You’re constantly looking for your next fix, checking your iPhone several times an hour.  Soon you are looking for something more, something stronger, something more addictive!

Enter the fiendish game, Scramble. 

Scramble must have been launched in a terrible place, a place where hope goes to die.

Since I started “playing” Scramble, I am a total mess.  My eyesight is failing from staring at the tiny screen, and I’ve started to shake uncontrollably whenever I hear the “ding, ding” announcing that’s it’s my turn to play!  People who were my friends and beloved family members are hounding  me to play at all hours of the day and night.  When I close my eyes, I see letters and I start frantically unscrambling them, until I finally fall asleep and dream about getting my Scramble “fix”.  God help me, I have to do something, something drastic. 

Carla, Sue, Helen, Elizabeth, Monica, and all you others, I have to tell you something important.  On the advice of the woman I met at the medical office today, I have decided to go “cold turkey”.  NO MORE SCRAMBLE!!!  I’ll go through withdrawal, but I have to be strong.  I have to conquer this.