Exploding Things

I have always felt that my home and all the things in are relatively safe.  Oh maybe I could trip on a rug or bump my knee on a table, but I don’t usually expect things I use every single day to explode!

I read the news this afternoon in my online newspaper, The National Post.  No, not The National Inquirer, and although it seems far-fetched, I am not going to use this item ever again.  There has been a recall on this product but I have yet to find out where to send it, or how I am to retrieve my ill-spent money.

And the company that makes it?  I had faith in this name.  It was a firm I trusted to get the job done with minimum fuss, and certainly without explosions. 

 Now this isn’t funny.  It’s serious, and although there have been no lasting injuries reported in Canada, the company spokesman warned all consumers to stop using this product immediately.  

I have taken a photo of the item and ask you to look closely to see if you happen to have one.  If you find one in your home, take steps to get rid of it safely.

My Colgate Motion Electronic Toothbrush


Nine people in Canada have had their toothbrushes explode.  That was probably not a good way to begin their day.  Or if it was in the evening, it would pretty well guarantee a sleepless night. 

If you unwittingly bought one of these dangerous items, call 1-800-268-6757.  Don’t use it, even if you have to go to bed tonight with dirty teeth.

Just when you thought you were safe!