Quickly Flow the Years

It’s Mother’s Day and although I am a Mom and a Grandmother, I am still thinking of my own mother, who has been gone for eighteen years.

Amelia, my Mother.


In this photo, taken shortly before my mother was married, her whole life was before her.

She looks so trusting and almost wistful in this photo.  It was taken on a trip to New York to visit her sisters.  She and Dad got married in New York City at St. Nicholas Church in the Bronx. Fifty years later Mayor Ed Koch sent a letter congratulating them on their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Mom was a woman who uplifted everyone she met.  Decades later, friends and cousins would tell me that they remembered Mom praising them and telling them that they were beautiful or intelligent or a great business person.  She was always thinking of the other person.

When her own mother was bedridden, Mom bathed her and did her laundry.  She took care of her bachelor brother when he was sick and was patient and kind.

I have a hazy memory of Mom when she came home from the hospital after adding the latest brother or sister to the family.  She was wearing a lovely green soft wool dress, slim-fitting, and her figure didn’t have an ounce extra.  She looked down at the baby and the love in her eyes was something I’ll always remember.

Mom was funny both intentionally and unintentionally.  She had a great sense of what was humorous and she laughed often.  Children made her smile and there were always neighbourhood kids who dropped in to see Mom.

She loved God and spent many hours praying, most likely for her children.  I can still picture her sitting by the window reading the Bible.

Mom had a beautiful voice and she played the piano very well.  She was in several productions as a child and in her old age could remember all the words to all the songs she sang.  She was a good artist as well, although I remember only one painting that she did, on a dare from one of my brothers.

Today is Mother’s Day.  My husband is with his Mother.  She is 91 and very ill.  She hasn’t seen him for more than five years so imagine how thrilled she must have been to wake up in her hospital bed to see her eldest child (of 12) sitting beside her.

I miss my Mother and I am thankful I had her.

Today is Mother’s Day.  A day for children to “rise up and call their mothers, Blessed”.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, young and old. – Maureen