An Exerciser’s Alphabet (For the Over 60 Crowd)

A few years ago, when I was still teaching, I came across a picture book called, “A Prairie Alphabet”.  The author and artist were from Manitoba and the pictures were beautiful.  The next year, there was another book, “A Mountain Alphabet”, then “A Canadian Alphabet” and “A Hockey Alphabet”.  I have collected these books and love to share them with my grandchildren.

I thought I’d try An Exerciser’s Alphabet for my “over 60” blogger friends.

  • A is for Abs.  Don’t have any visible right now but I plan to become reacquainted with them through my exercise program.
  • B is for Bicycle.  A bicycle is the perfect machine.  It is powered by people not gas or electricity.  It can be parked in very tiny spots, it is quiet and non-polluting.  It also has the added benefit of making me feel like a kid again.
  • C is for Cardiac Care.  Whatever I do to keep my heart healthy is going to have lasting benefits.
  • D is for Drugs.  I am hoping to decrease my dependency on medications as I get healthier.
  • E is for Energy.  I am finding that my energy level actually increases as I approach my fitness goals.
  • F is for Fitness.  I am slowly, very slowly, becoming more fit and I am enjoying my progress.  Each step I take towards my goal is a thing to celebrate.
  • G is for Go.  It’s important to keep on going – walking, cycling, lifting, and stretching.
  • H is for Health.  I think becoming more healthy, eating what is good for me, and moving more fluidly is a positive thing.
  • I is for Intensity.  As I become more fit, I am able to increase the intensity of my workouts.
  • J is for Junk Food.  I wouldn’t put soda pop in my car to make it run.  Why would I put anything but good healthy food into my body to help it run?
  • K is for Kobo.  My Kobo eReader has brought me a lot of happiness as I read for entertainment and to improve my mind.
  • L is for Love.  It is important for my mental health to give and receive love from my family and friends.
  • M is for Mall Walking.  I do this several times a week and am working my way (virtually) across Canada.  I am at Deer Lake, Newfoundland, heading west.
  • N is for New.  I am doing new exercises, learning new things, and making new friends.
  • O is for Old Girl New Tricks.  This “old girl” really is learning and sharing “new tricks”.
  • P is for Prayer.  Taking care of my spiritual life is as important as my physical life.  I take time to pray for friends and family.
  • Q is for Quiet.  It is as important to be quiet and reflective at times as to be constantly on the go.
  • R is for Range of Motion.  With all the trouble I’ve had with osteoarthritis, it is essential that I improve my range of motion.  My exercises are already having a positive effect.
  • S is for Strength.  My physical strength is increasing as I am eating better and exercising more regularly.
  • T is for Time.  I know that years of  several unhealthy habits won’t be overcome in a few months.  It will take time.  I’m retired.  I have lots of time.
  • U is for Understanding.  Understanding my own needs for increased exercise, healthier food, mental challenges, and spiritual nourishment has been essential in moving toward a better life.
  • V is for Vitality.  I am definitely more energetic and balanced as I eliminate bad habits and replace them with new healthy ones.
  • W is for Wii Fit.  I am using this to help me with Balance, Strength, Aerobics, and Yoga Training.

    Wii Fit helps in the search for fitness.

  • X is for X-ray.  I believe that any new X-rays I get will show improved bone health.
  • Y is for Yoga.  I enjoy the stretching and balance exercises.  I can already see an improvement.
  • Z is for Zoom.  I am going to be able to zoom around on my bike and my own two feet as I near my fitness goals.

Thanks to Karen of  Waisting  Time, for her “alphabet” idea.

What does your alphabet look like?