– 5

No, – 5   does not refer to the temperature, although here in Canada we have often had that kind of weather at this time of year.  However, today it is sunny and about 11C  (52F).

The -5 refers to pounds!!!  Yes, I am down five pounds.  It has taken me quite a while but I did it.  My goal is to lose 25 more!!!

On September 1, I gave up French Fries!  I said for four months but of course it will have to be longer.  I told one of my daughters and my husband, so I would be accountable.  Before you think that I must have been eating a ton of fries, let me tell you that is not the case.  I had them once every week or two.

But this is what happened.  Since I had given fries up, I began to think more about what I was eating and my choices became more and more healthy. 

By September 21, I was again on the telephone with my daughter and I told her that I felt ready for the next step.  No more junk food!

That is, no more sweets, ice cream, or desserts except for fruit and yogurt.  I am becoming a more mindful eater.

As of yesterday, the end of September, I had lost five pounds.  I am not dieting, but I am eating better, with more fruits and vegetables added to my usual diet.  I feel better and I feel happier.

Nine years ago, my husband had a serious medical emergency and I began to slowly gain weight.  In the last few years the stress and pain of osteoarthritis has slowed me down and I had to give up my gym membership.  More weight gain.

Hubby has recovered very well and with retirement the arthritis has really calmed down.  So, the next step is to “up” the exercise routine.

My friend Roz will be babysitting her baby grandson for the foreseeable future and she and I are going to walk for an hour a day.  Good weather – outdoors.  Bad weather – indoors at the local mall.  I am already a Sneakers mall-walker member and will continue to do that.  If you want to see my progress since the spring, check out my blog page, My Walk Across Canada.  There should be a new update in the next few days.

It is only 5 pounds but it means a lot to me.  I am doing it my way and it is working for me!