All the World’s a Stage. Really!

Shakespeare said it over 400 years ago, “All the world’s a stage…”.  But I don’t think even he could have imagined our world.

With the arrival of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging, Texting, and more, we might as well face the fact that we are always on stage.

There is scarcely an event, natural or created, that is not instantly tweeted about, photographed, and sent into cyberspace within seconds.

Flowers from my garden "instantly" uploaded to my blog post.

When Prince William and Kate were visiting Ottawa  my daughter told me they would most likely drive from the airport to downtown on a street very close to her house.  We went down the block and waited for them.  One of Michelle’s friends was in constant communication through Twitter.  “They’ve left the airport.  They’ve arrived downtown.  Oh no, we missed them.  No, wait a second, it was  just the Prime Minister.  They should be here in three minutes.”

Right on schedule they arrived.  And everyone was so busy taking photos with cell phone cameras that no one saw them! 

Let me tell you, there are a billion young people who do not care if the whole world knows every little detail of their lives.  On a recent train ride two young women sat behind us and talked about their personal lives, their intimate personal lives, if you get my meaning, and it was loud enough for the whole rail car to hear.  On the way back, two young guys talked about their quest for alcohol and how they were going to get it.  One guy showed his friend the ID he was carrying, which belonged to his older brother.  His friend asked if his brother had any other spare ID that he could have. Do they know I’m blogging about it?  Not likely.  Would they care?  Again, not likely!

Nothing can happen that is not photographed, written about, and shared within a very short time.  Big brother really is watching.