The Polish Class – Part 2

On Monday mornings, I used to ask my students what they had done on the weekend.  It was good practice for them and interesting for me.

 One student, Piotr, had a touching story to tell.  A Polish friend had told him about a bakery that sold loaves of day-old bread for a good price.  Piotr caught a bus and had to transfer twice before he got to the bakery.

Once there he picked up several loaves of bread and joined the line at the cash.  Because of his lack of English, he didn’t realize that he had not picked up the day-old bread but he had the regular-priced bread.  When it was his turn to pay, he didn’t have enough money.

There was a Canadian man standing behind him in the line who realized that Piotr was in a bit of a predicament.  He asked Piotr where he was from and this good man ended up paying for Piotr’s bread and offered to drive him home.

Piotr was reluctant to accept because he lived so far away but the man insisted.  On the way to the apartment, he stopped at a grocery store and bought six bags of groceries for Piotr and his wife.  He helped Piotr carry the bags up the stairs to his apartment, wished Piotr and his wife success in Canada, said good-bye, and left.

They never found out the man’s name but Piotr and his wife both had tears in their eyes when they told the class about the kindness of this “Canadian man”.  The whole class was uplifted by Piotr’s story and expressed amazement at the man’s generosity. 

It is better to give than to receive.  I hope that man realized how happy he made two people that day and how thankful they both were.