Arts & Crafts Night

Our Arts & Crafts night was a success.  I had everything ready this month and was looking forward to seeing my daughters, my cousin and her daughter.

A good workspace. The Cricut is on the left.

Monica arrived and wanted to make Valentines cards for her children to give out.  In all they have to give out 80 valentines and rather than spend money on “Star Wars” cards or “Hello Kitty” cards, she decided to craft them and have the kids, aged 5 and 7, address and sign them.

We all got involved.  I made the hearts using the Cricut machine.  This machine uses cartridges to select and cut out shapes and words, such as flowers, hearts, etc.  The others helped Monica assemble the parts, glue on the hearts, stamp them and cut the edges with fancy scissors.

Before the cutting, gluing, and stamping began.We were all hard at work.Patti is a great help!The finished product!

Thanks for reading!

Full Circle

My life is not so busy any more.  I love that!  It’s still difficult to believe that I am retired and I really don’t have to work anymore.  Ever!

Last Saturday Eleanor and I went to a couple of church bazaars, one at a Catholic Church and one at a United Church.  They were fun, and we each actually won something at one of the raffles.  I bought a few used books and an apron made by one of the church members.

On Tuesday I got an email from a friend that I thought  asked me to go for a walk and out to lunch.  This is what I read. “This morning do you want to go out for a walk and then to lunch?”  I said yes.

What it actually said was “Thurs morning do you want to go out for a walk and then lunch?”  I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses and read the message on a small screen.

I waited and waited and waited.  It was 12:00, it was 1:00.  At 2:00, I emailed to ask what the hold-up was, not that I minded.  We discovered my mistake and laughed about it.  We’ve both done things like that.

In the evening I went to see the movie, “The Help”.  I had read the book and was looking forward to seeing the film.  It did not disappoint.  The actors were amazing.  We all loved it.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

Thursday I went for the walk and lunch with Eleanor and while at the mall, we met a former vice-principal of mine and after chatting for a while we left promising to meet another time for lunch.  Then while walking I met a former student-teacher of mine who is still teaching at a nearby high-school.

Later in the day my sister’s husband popped in from their Vermont home (they live in Bermuda).  I tidied the house a little and in the early afternoon, I baked a chocolate cake.  We had a great visit with fantastic conversation and after seeing him enjoy the cake so much, he left with a nice slice to eat at his hotel. 

This morning I played with my new Cricut (pronounced cricket) cutting machine which I used for scrapbooking.  I love it.  It’s great having a new gadget to play with.

This afternoon hubby and I went for a walk and picked up a few groceries.  It was only 5º C  (40º F) but sunny and oh so beautiful.  We met a former student and her mother on their way to do some shopping.  I taught her in grade 4 and she told me she had just gotten married!!!  I just love meeting former students.  They always stop to talk, give me a hug and tell me all about what they are doing now.  Some of them are teaching, some are nursing, several are engineers, at least one a police officer, many are in high-school or university and they always talk fondly of their days in my class.

I ate well all week and exercised every day.  Some days I walked outside and some days I did mall walking.  I read the new Richard Castle book, a romance book and an art magazine.

Tomorrow Eleanor and I are going to another Church bazaar and will probably go out for a steeped tea at Tim Horton’s afterward.  A good week and it looks like full circle to me!