The Family That Blogs Together…

A little over two years ago, I encouraged my daughter to start a blog!  I didn’t have a blog myself.  In fact I had never even read one.  But somehow I knew that in a blog she could express herself  in a way that would be therapeutic for her and possibly helpful to others. 

She started her blog about two years ago and has had a few different ones since then.  Then, she started to encourage me to start a blog.

And now, this Thanksgiving weekend, we are sitting in her living room each with our own computer, adding posts and photos to our individual blogs.

Blogging has caught my interest in a way I could never have thought possible a few months ago.  I love planning a new post,  catching up with what others are posting about, and replying to commenters on my posts.

Bloggers  have made me smile, frown, and laugh out loud.  When they have an injury, the flu, or even a bad cold, I sympathize.  When they complete a marathon, find a dress for a wedding, or have success at their job, I am happy for them.  I have blogger friends!!!

Since I began blogging three months ago, I have successfully encouraged my sister and another daughter to begin a blog.  I strongly encourage any bloggers out there to make it a family affair.  Who knows what could happen!