Kids’ Weekend

This past weekend was a “kids’ weekend” at our house.  We were having a Sleepover!

Owen and Brynn’s parents were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary and we agreed to have the little ones to stay over from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.  According to their Mom, they woke up early, came into their bedroom and asked, “When does the sleepover start?”

It was difficult for them to wait until after breakfast before coming over.  They packed their own bags and were off.

The first thing we did was go for a bike ride on the trail near our house.

A bend in the trail.

They absolutely loved it!  It had rained the night before and they had to ride through every puddle.  Owen who is almost 8 literally rode circles around us, while 6 year-old Brynn and I brought up the rear.  She has been riding “sans training wheels” for only two weeks so it was important to keep a close eye on her.

When we got back home, the kids were soaked so we had to do a load of laundry and they changed into their Sunday clothes.  We drove Brynn to a birthday party and we took Owen to Canadian Tire to buy a new basketball.

We picked Brynn up and went to McDonald’s for supper.  The evening was spent reading and playing.  Bedtime went smoothly and lights were out by 9 p.m., only a little later than usual.

Sunday morning I made French toast and sausages for breakfast which everyone enjoyed.  Then Owen and Grandpa went for another bike ride, this time to Tim Horton’s for a doughnut.  Brynn and I stayed home and baked muffins and cookies.  They were delicious.

Do you know what it is like to talk to and cuddle the children of your children?  It is the most amazing feeling and brings such joy.  We found them fun and funny.  We want a repeat.  Soon!

Next we want to have 12 year-old Amelia and 9 year-old Enid stay with us.  I don’t think their parents would mind!  Carla’s 3 boys (aged 14, 12, and 10) will probably be here shortly after that.  Then all that would be left would be 7 year-old Emil, from way out in Vancouver.  They are going to Sweden this summer to visit his other grandparents, so it probably won’t be for a while.

This past week, my sister, MJ, became a grandmother for the first time, to a sweet baby boy.  Congratulations to all the family.

We just can’t wait for the next kids’ weekend.  But I didn’t tell you that as soon as they left on Sunday, we had a long nap and we went to bed around 8:30 that evening.  But that’s okay.  Brynn fell asleep in the car on the way home

(As you can see, Hubby came through, and I am again able to upload photos into my posts.  Things are really turning green along the trail!)