Snow Shadows – Greenboro Trail

The art class that my sister and I are taking is helping me see the world in a new way.  When you are doing a painting you tend to see things that are easily missed in the hurry and scurry of the “real” world.

The first painting we did was of green trees.  The second one was reflections in water.  The third was clouds.  The fourth and final one was rocks.

Next week we will start the new course which we are sure will be a continuation of the first eight lessons.  I think we will be doing a snow scene in the first class.  Our teacher, Blair, brought in a few of his own snow scenes and they were beautiful.  What we noticed were the beautiful and colourful shadows made on the snow by trees and buildings.

When my husband and I were out walking on the Greenboro Trail last week I noticed the shadows on the snow.  My fingers almost froze as I started photographing every scene.  I think I’ll pick one of these paintings to try at the first class.  What do you think?  Which one should I pick?

Snow shadows on the Trail.

Snow shadows on the Trail.


The Greenboro Trail - January, 2013.

The Greenboro Trail – January, 2013.


Another view of the Greenboro Trail.

Another view of the Greenboro Trail.


I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading. – Maureen




Best and Worst

I thought I’d write about what I consider the best and worst in several areas.  I’m not going to think about this a great deal.  So I may later think of something better or worse, but it should be interesting.

  • Art.  BEST:  The Group of Seven artists and I don’t think there is one of their paintings I don’t love.  Tom Thompson is an honourary Group of Seven member and I love his paintings as well.  WORST:  Modern or contemporary art.  I just don’t understand it!
  • Music.  BEST:  Classical, especially Debussy, Chopin, Mozart.  It lifts me up.  WORST:  Rap and Heavy Metal. I just don’t understand it!
  • Movie (Musical).  BEST:  Sound of Music.  Never get tired of watching it.  It was the first movie I went to with my now Hubby.  WORST:  The Fantastics.  I didn’t get past about 15 minutes but it has one thing going for it – Try to Remember, a lovely song, sung by Ed Ames and others.
  • Movie (Drama).  BEST:  The King’s Speech.  A great movie.  I could watch it again.  WORST:  I’ve obviously blanked out the bad movies because I can remember some of them but not their names.
  • Movie (Romantic).  BEST:  Pride and Prejudice.  My all-time favourite.  WORST:  Nights in Rodanthe.  A total waste of time, and not even romantic.
  • Book (Mystery).  BEST:  Agatha Christie is still the Queen of mystery writers.  My favourite is The Man in the Brown Suit.  WORST:  Miss Seeton Solves the Case.  Terrible writing and the story wasn’t great.
  • Book (Fiction).  BEST:  Pride and Prejudice again.  The characters, the story, the setting.  All perfect.  WORST:  I don’t think I can pick one.  There are a lot of good books and a lot of bad books out there.
  • Book (Non-fiction).  BEST:  Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell.  I was captivated from the first page to the last.  WORST:  Some of the “diet” books I’ve read or tried to read.  Many are filled with questionable “facts”.  I remember one that said you had to eat a ton of sugar to lose weight.

I may think of a few more categories for a further post.  Best and worst sport, job, etc. 

Do you have any “bests” or “worsts” to share?