Sunshine Sketches

I’ve lost 5 pounds.  On Friday, when I shared this with my friend Roz, she decided to get on board with my fitness plan and suggested we start power-walking for an hour a day.  I think she’s trying to run me ragged!

Yesterday we walked for an hour inside the mall as it was rainy out.  Today we were outdoors and it was glorious.  We decided to drive to nearby Whitby and walk along the Waterfront Trail. 


Ontario's Waterfront Trail


Do you know how wonderful a warm autumn day can be?  It was sunny and around 20º C (70º F).  The trail is lush with wildflowers, trees changing colour, a great view of Lake Ontario, and people of all ages enjoying the day.  We met cyclists, walkers, joggers, and even a small snake sunning itself on the path.

The coastline of the lake curves quite a bit and on a little rise in the path we were able to clearly see Toronto’s CN Tower on the horizon, about 70 km away.

The view across Lake Ontario towards Toronto.

We walked as far as Whitby’s Marina, about 3.5 km along the trail.   Out on the water a sailboat seemed to be disappearing over the horizon and we spotted a small fishing boat returning to its mooring .  It all looked so peaceful just lying there in the sunshine.

A sumac tree just starting to change colours.

On the way back, there was a small acrobatic airplane doing loops, spins and barrel rolls out over the lake We had a perfect view and enjoyed the display for a few minutes and then were on our way again.

Wild roses and rose hips in the sunshine.


This morning I did mall walking with the Sneakers Club, so my total for the day was about 11 – 12 km. (about 7 miles).  I now plan to do some upper body exercises to balance out the walking.

It is fun having another partner to exercise with and it’s good that we have the mall within a five-minute walk to provide a climate-controlled  spot to walk away from the bad weather.  It is particularly appreciated in the depths of winter and the hot, hazy, humid days of summer.

Roz is babysitting her baby grandson four days a week, and tomorrow we are going to take him along.  He is going to get into the exercise habit at a very young age.

I hope this new plan works out for both Roz and me.