Apple Picking

We had a great time apple picking today.  Monica and I and her kids, Owen (7) and Brynn (5) and I went to Mountain Orchards for the morning.  We were joined by Julia and her kids, Colin (6.5) and Laura (4). 

We arrived and took the wagon to the orchard to pick our apples.  Unfortunately in August a small tornado and hail storm destroyed more than 50% of the crop in just 45 minutes.  There were a lot of apples already on the ground, more actually, than on the trees.  The ones left on the trees were pitted and not very appetizing looking.  There were several bins set up in the orchard already full of apples and we just picked from those.  The kids didn’t seem to mind and it was really easy.

Apples in the bin at Mountain Orchards

We managed to get some photos of the kids picking apples from the trees.  In the sunshine the day was glorious.

Brynn is having a great time trying to find a good apple to pick!

Although the trees haven’t changed colour much, you can tell they’re thinking about it!

Owen is carefully examining an apple.

When we got home we made caramel apples and the kids decorated them with candies and sprinkles.  They had a lot of fun and couldn’t wait until they cooled before tasting them.  Laura dropped hers in the grass and just picked it up and kept on eating.

Later on Owen went to hockey practice and we made acorn squash soup, apple crisp, pasta al forno and home-made salsa and bread.  Michelle, my eldest daughter came for supper with her husband Gareth and their two daughters, Amelia (11) and Enid (8).  The kids had so much fun together.  They played outside until dark.  For supper they ate outside and apart from a small food fight, everything went well.

The kids just had showers and are fast asleep in bed.  I will be following shortly!