BERMUDA – 2018

I returned last week from an amazing trip to Bermuda, to visit my sister, Helen, her husband, and their children and grandchildren.

Do you feel excited when you are going on a trip? I couldn’t sleep the night before the flight and had already been packed for a couple of days.

I was a little disconcerted by the announcement that our Westjet pilot was Lance and our copilot Tyler. I think I taught them in grade four a few years ago!!! What happened to last names?



Helen had prepared a room for me in my own private wing of their beautiful house, and after depositing my suitcase we were off to church for prayer meeting. The music was amazing and the message was inspiring.

The next day, Helen and I went to the Bermuda aquarium and zoo. They have recently renovated it and we saw a lot of local sea creatures, and animals from all over the world.

We relaxed on the patio in the afternoon and had many cups of tea.This is the view from the main floor patio and then from the upstairs patio.

The next morning we went to visit Glass Beach which is full of colourful pieces of glass which have been tossed up by the ocean and rubbed smooth by the action of the waves on the sand. We collected a few pieces and also saw a Portuguese Man of War, a type of stinging jelly fish.

Then we went to Dockyards, passing over the world’s smallest drawbridge, and had lunch in The Frog and Onion. We browsed in all of the craft shops and I bought myself a Bermuda 2019 calendar.

On Friday we went to Hamilton and tried on hats, and had lunch in Queen Elizabeth Park. It was a beautiful day as all of the days are in Bermuda.

On Saturday we went to a hotel for lunch with Ray, and it was stunningly beautiful with the most amazing views.

The pool was very inviting but we resisted the lure of the warm water.

We drove into Hamilton again to see the ship that had just docked on Front Street. It was very impressive.

On Sunday we went for a hike on the old Railway Trail, and visited Shelley Bay Beach on the way. The views were stunning!

We went back at sunset and took a couple of beautiful photos. It is difficult to believe that there is such a place on earth and that my sister and her family live there.

On Monday we went to St. George’s, at the other end of the island from Dockyards. We really enjoyed visiting the shops and trying on more hats. I bought a Bermuda baseball cap and another purchase that I instantly regretted! We had lunch at a seaside restaurant where a friendly waiter took our photo. Even the restrooms are elegant!

We visited the unfinished Church which was started in the 1800s and was never completed. It’s in a beautiful spot, just steps away from the town.

Some of the street names are hilarious!

Here are some of the views on the way home.

On my last day we visited a private garden where I went for a little impromptu scooter ride courtesy of my bother-in-law. Then, because of an incoming squall,  we drove to John Smith’s Bay to look at the waves. Beauty everywhere!

A huge thank you to Helen and Ray for making this trip possible. I missed the worst Ice Storm of the year in Ottawa and had a restful and restoring visit. I loved seeing all the colourful houses, and especially Ecum Secum.

Helen and Maureen on an adventure.



I loved eating the bananas picked off the trees by Ray, and I was glad to take a few back to Canada with me. The Portuguese Red Bean soup was amazing, and the dinner at the Lobster Pot was delicious.

Playing cards in the evenings and visiting with the family were tops!

This is Ecum Secum, Helen and Ray’s house.

Adieu Bermuda! A la prochaine!


8 responses

  1. I suspect Church Folly Lane gets its name from the unfinished church. Unfinished structures, or ones that are deliberately built to resemble ruins, in Britain are called follies. That’s my guess for the name since it’s right next to the church. Just an assumption…

  2. As the visitee, I have to say I enjoyed you are my most special visitor.
    We had a terrific time but obviously saved lots for your next trip to the islands.
    Well written post and you just about covered everything except how very much your Bermuda sister LOVES you!

    • Oh I loved every minute! Helen told me that although she has lived there for 48 years, she still marvels at all the beautiful flowers and the different ocean views. Around every turn is another painting!

  3. Hi

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. ❤

    On Thu, Apr 26, 2018, 1:55 PM Old Girl New Tricks wrote:

    > oldgirlnewtricks posted: “I returned last week from an amazing trip to > Bermuda, to visit my sister, Helen, her husband, and their children and > grandchildren. Do you feel excited when you are going on a trip? I couldn’t > sleep the night before the flight and had already been packed” >

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