HELLO! It’s Me Again

It was recently brought home to me that I haven’t posted for about a year. Well, I aim to rectify that, starting now.

I don’t know if any of you have experienced this phenomenon. While I was still regularly posting, I was asked by a well-known site, to contribute posts to their site, and I froze. It has taken me a long time to thaw out and that opportunity has probably dried up, but I think I can do this again. For me.

My art has been taking up a lot of my time and I have been really enjoying my acrylic paintings. I’ve done larger pieces and some very small ones. Even though I am a woman of “a certain age”, the creativity has been flowing. I did a couple of “clothesline” paintings that I really like. The first one brought back memories of my mother hanging clothes on the line, summer and winter.


In the middle of January, she would bring in the laundry and stand it up on the kitchen floor. Then of course she had to iron everything, and with a family of eleven children, it was no small task. Mom used to say that the only time she got out of the house was to go to the clothesline!

The first clothesline painting gave rise to the idea for the second, which had to do with Canada’s 150th birthday, being celebrated this year. I have even had some interest in buying that particular one, although the sale hasn’t gone through yet.


In any case, it’s not the selling that thrills me, although it would be nice, but it’s the actual creating the painting, from the initial idea, the first sketches, and the final product.

I’m not a great artist, not even close, but I can’t tell you how painting makes me feel. I just wish I had started earlier in life. My small house is full of paintings. The walls are bending under the weight of them.

Last week, we had our youngest grandchild for the day, and she and I painted together. We  had so much fun. It was a dream come true for me and she brought a very nice seascape home to show her family. Her brother wanted to buy it from her, but she wasn’t selling!

Our finished paintings. Which one was done by an 11-year-old, and which by a 72-year-old?

How are you creative?

Thanks for reading and have a good day.



9 responses

  1. So great to read your articles again! Thanks for writing! I absolutely LOVE the clothesline paintings! They are so fresh and fun to look at. It also reminds me of my mother, who hung out the laundry to dry. I’ve never been able to do that in any of the houses I’ve owned as an adult — either no space for a clothesline or note enough sun. Thank you again, Maureen, for the post and for making me smile at a memory I haven’t had in years.

    • In Zambia, we had a clothesline, of course. All clothes had to be washed outside, and then ironed on both sides to kill little parasites. Most of our other houses didnt have clothesline, but the one that did was wonderful.

  2. So happy to see you back posting!! Such beautiful paintings. You can see that it is a joy for you to create them. Looking forward to some more of your fitness posts as well!

  3. I love your paintings! I’m just starting to paint, learning from YouTube videos! It’s a real stress relief to get away from everyday mundane tasks to paint. I use art and craft as a self therapy tool, I dabble in many arts/crafts but not real professional or full time in any. I’m trying to find the one activity that I can get both a little income as well as help de-stress, gotta pay for the tools and supplies…

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