It’s Chicken Bones Time Again!

The Ganong Chocolate and Candy manufacturing company began in St. Stephen’s, New Brunswick,  in 1873. They are Canada’s oldest candy company and their headquarters are still in New Brunswick. There is a Chocolate Museum located there and they celebrate with a Chocolate Festival every year.

In 1885, they invented a unique candy, with a pink cinnamon-flavoured outer part, surrounding a chocolate interior. They called them Chicken Bones, and they are still a Canadian favourite, more than 100 years later.

Ganong Chicken Bones

When I was a little girl, I often had chicken bones candy as a special treat and they quickly became my favourite. Do any of you remember going to the candy store in the 50s or 60s?

There would be trays of candies and chocolates of every kind, and you could usually buy them at the low price (even for those days) of 3 candies for 1 cent. If you had a nickel, you got a little paper bag full of humbugs, honeymoons, and chicken bones.

It is difficult to find chicken bones these days. However, we have a chain of stores in Canada, called Bulk Barn, which have barrels and barrels of  spices, flours, rice, quinoa, cereals, nuts, crackers, salt, sugars, raisins, dried fruits, and candies and chocolates.

In early November, Bulk Barn gets its Christmas stock in with baking supplies, and of course chocolates, Christmas ribbon candy, and chicken bones.

Word came to me last weekend from one of my daughters, that chicken bones were in at Bulk Barn. Today I made a trip to the store in the Billings Bridge mall and got a bag which I plan to eat slowly over the next few weeks. What a treat!

I read that Ganong ships to the UK and the USA, as well as all across Canada. If you get a chance to try chicken bones, do it. But be careful. If you eat too many of them, your tongue turns bright pink!

Thanks for reading. Have a good day. – Maureen


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  1. I grew up in St. Stephen and even worked at Ganongs at one time. I was excited to see the chicken bones in the Bulk Barn, but they are not the same as the ones we ate growing up. Those were shinier, thinner and a different taste from the ones I ate as a child. I wonder if some other company is making them now?

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