Acrylic Painting Class Winter Session

We started our Acrylic Painting class a couple of weeks ago and we learned a lot, as usual.  One of the things I learned was that it is more difficult to paint trees than you would think. Another is that snow is not just white.  Painting makes one more observant and you really look at things differently.  You see shapes and shadows and composition everywhere you look.  Painting has opened my eyes and I love it.

The photo I chose to paint was this one.  It is just a few steps from my front door and a treasured part of my new life in Ottawa.

The Greenboro Trail at Elizabeth Manley Park

The Greenboro Trail at Elizabeth Manley Park

I was sick with the flu last week but managed this week to finish the painting. Actually, I think there may be a couple of finishing touches still, to fix it up, but basically I’ve completed it.

Elizabeth Manley Park.  January, 2013

Elizabeth Manley Park. January, 2013


Our next project is a repeat of one from our last class – green trees with reflections in water.  Looking for a nice photo to paint with a point of interest like a house, cabin, lighthouse, barn, etc.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading. – Maureen


12 responses

  1. Wow! Remarkable! I really love the depth of the snow on the edge of the road. What a hard thing this must be to paint, but it’s lovely! Get well soon.

  2. I’ve never done acrylic painting but oil painting, at an art class many years ago, and I remember how it changed my view on things … to account for the shadows, that you can’t paint objects in isolation but have to work on an object and its surrounding simultaneously etc. It was a fascinating experience. I hope you enjoy the course! Your picture is really really nice!!

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