It’s in the Bag

Today while Hubby and I were on the bus, he asked me where my hat was.  I replied, “It’s in the bag.”

Because we walk, bike, or bus so much, we always take a bag with essentials in it.  Hubby’s bag has been nicknamed his “brain bag” because he totes around enough Science magazines and books like, “Quantum Fields in Curved Space Time” to keep him occupied while he is waiting for me to finish shopping.  You’d think he could just “people-watch” like I do when I am waiting for him!  I think he secretly likes it being called his brain bag, because it makes it appear that he is really above all this mall activity stuff and would rather be in his lab somewhere, performing his mad scientist imitation!  I think he got the name for the bag from a “Dilbert” cartoon, by the way.  His bag is basic black but I’m a little more daring.

I have different bags for the different outfits I wear.  This first bag was the first of its kind.  Ever!

The first Bermuda Bag. It is about 10 years old!

Here are a few items you could find in my Bermuda Bag.  Baseball hat, for when I am wearing a ponytail.  Bucket hat for when I’m not.  Winter hat for when the temperature dips down low.  Woolen gloves for casual wear and leather gloves for more dressy occasions.  Small packages of tissues for those occasions when I or one of my traveling companions have the sniffles.  A small vial of hand sanitizer for flu season or when one of my fellow bus passengers is hacking.  I need to be prepared for any eventuality!  At this time of year, I have to be prepared for warm, cool, sunny, or rainy weather.

The next edition of The Bermuda Bag.

If I’m wearing my jeans, this seems to be a good choice.  I also have sunscreen and throat lozenges.  I have a copy of the day’s free newspaper (you know I’m a senior, right?) and a small notebook where I keep window measurements and colour swatches, in case I see some household item that is on sale.  It has the names of author’s I’d like to read and lists any books of a series that I’m looking for.  This notebook also has names and addresses of contacts that I may have to access if I see a perfect card and want to mail it right away.  Oh, and stamps, a small supply.  I often have a small sketchbook and pencil to capture a scene that I love.

I particularly enjoy using this bag, especially in the summer. I think it is very Bermuda-ish!

Small shopping items can fit in the bag – bread, butter, eggs, etc. It is actually bigger than it looks.  I’d say about 18″ x 18″.  Perfect for a novel or library books that have to be returned.  Letters  to be mailed?  In the bag.  Bus schedules?  In the bag.  Sunglasses?  Reading glasses? Distance glasses?  Refillable water bottle?  Folding umbrella?  You guessed it.

Isn’t this orange colour beautiful?

Since one of my three sisters lives in Bermuda, we seem to have a limitless supply of this sought-after and popular bag.  One of my sisters has a beautiful gold one,  and another has a bright green one.  They only make a certain number every year and they are distributed at an international conference, held in different cities every year.

This red one is my current favourite!

I really wish I had a pink one, but apparently they’re hard to come by.

Just a sec.  My phone is ringing.  Hey, where is it?  Oh, right.  Now I remember.

It’s in the bag!


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  1. love the bags! wish I was half as organized as you- even if I put everything I could need on an outing in a bag- I’d probably forget to take the bag!

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