Triple Power Push Pops

Do you even know what Triple Power Push Pops are?  Sounds like a bunch of Dads doing push-ups to me.  I had never even heard of them until Saturday evening when my grandson Owen was visiting.

Monica and Nick wanted to go to the new Avengers movie so we very kindly said we’d babysit Owen and Brynn, two of the cutest grandkids ev-er!  Brynn is 6 and Owen will be 8 next week.

After supper Grandpa announced that dessert was going to be “anything they wanted at the Quickie store”.  Now back in the day Quickie had a different meaning but here in Ottawa it is the name of a chain of corner stores, like 7-11 or Mac’s Milk.  (I think I prefer the older meaning, but that’s just me.)

We walked through the park to the store with the two of them jabbering all the way.  They have such a joy of life.  At the store Owen quickly found the garishly wrapped Triple Power Push Pops that he had been wanting.  He had never had one, but heard about it at school where no doubt the other boys had been discussing its wonders!  Okay, it’s candy.  It comes in a plastic cylindrical container and when you open it there are 3 (hence Triple) little buttons on the side, that you Push, to reveal 3 lolliPops.  I guess the Power comes from sucking on these things because for the rest of the evening, they had blue, red, or green tongues and they were hopping and bouncing all over the place.  Owen told me that the green one tasted like broccoli and that he didn’t like it, but the red and green ones were good.  I guess he won’t eat his veggies even if they are made into candies!

When I was a kid, there were candies like “honeymoons”, “chicken bones” (still love this one), “humbugs”, and “snake eyes”.  There were candy cigarettes with a red end so it would look like it was lit!  (Great “pushing”, tobacco companies.)  There were also liquorice cigars, which I never liked.

Do you remember any particular “treats” from when you were a child?  What were your favourites?  Do you still have them occasionally?  I have a few chicken bones every Christmas season.  I can taste them now.

Thanks, Renee for the Lovely Blogger Award.  I’ll post on that topic soon!


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  1. I like the other meaning of quickie too!!! LOL!!!

    My old favorites were Gold Nuggets (gum), Jelly Tots, Sweet Tarts, Gobstoppers, the list goes on and on!!!

    • I’ve never heard of hot tamales, but I’m sure they’re enjoyable. Chicken legs are hot pink in colour and taste of cinnamon. They’re bone-shaped and have a surprise chocolate centre. Mmmmm.

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