I’m retired and I’m in my late sixties, so that means I must spend my entire existence looking for and getting bargains! 

There are many types of bargains but my favourite has to be the “twofer”.  You get two things for the price of one.  Honestly, I’d have a cardiac arrest if my hubby asked me out to a meal that wasn’t a twofer.  I’ve seen two for one deals for food, clothing, cleaning products, and toothpaste.  It’s the queen of bargains.

Many older Canadians enjoy the privilege of “senior days”.  We make trips to Zeller’s on the first Monday of every month.  Shoppers’ Drug Mart?  The first Thursday of the month.  Rexall Drugs?  The last Tuesday of the month.  Michael’s Crafts?  Every Tuesday.  Bulk Barn?  Every Wednesday.  We are kept busy running around from store to store on every which day of the week or month, to get these bargains.  10% off, 15% off, even 20% off!!!

Free newspapers.  Our city has two free newspapers every day of the week and we get all of them!  They have the same news as the daily we have delivered to our house, but hey, they’re free so we have to have them.

Sales.  We scour the fliers that come with the newspaper for the bargains of the day, the Blowout Sales, the “buy one at the regular price get the second one for half price and if you buy a third, we throw in a new car” deals.  Some of these “specials” are so special that the regular price is three times what it should be, but who cares?  It’s a bargain!!!

Free books.  My Kobo eReader has thousands of free books, many of which I have read and many of which I would never want to read in a month of bargain Sundays!  But they’re free!

Coupons.  These come in the mail or with the newspaper.  Some you have to clip, some are “stand-alone”.  But they all mean bargains and if you don’t use one by the cut-off date, you’re doomed to be sneered at by your fellow-seniors and bargain-hunters!

It really is a full-time job, being on the bargain-hunting trail.  But hey, it inserts a little excitement into our humdrum lives!  Gotta go; it’s Seniors’ Day.  Somewhere.  It must be!



The word, “Action” has become very important to me.   Let me explain.

For the past seven weeks, I have been helping out at my daughter Monica’s house while she recovers from an inflammation of the heart, called Pericarditis.  This condition, while serious in itself, was exacerbated by a heart condition she already had, called Atrial ventricular Block.  It involves the electrical conductivity of the heart and basically means her heart has to pump twice to produce one beat.  It has been a long road but tomorrow she is going to try to go to work half-time.

I was with her one day while she was in a ward being monitored.  There were several people also being monitored and it was difficult not to eavesdrop on what were meant to be private conversations.  In one case, a doctor was speaking with a woman and asked her what should be done if her heart stopped beating or she stopped breathing.  Can you imagine being on either side of that conversation?

For days and weeks it was difficult for Monica to walk even a few steps.  It became more and more important to both her and to me that we eat well and exercise frequently.

Last weekend, another daughter, Michelle, showed us a video presentation on YouTube, called “Twenty-three and a Half Hours”.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to live a full life.  The doctor says that if we exercise for only half an hour a day (even broken into three ten minute sessions) we can avoid or reverse many different diseases like arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and even dementia.  We decided to take up this challenge.

We have to take action and get moving, to limit our inactivity to only twenty-three and a half hours a day!  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Hippocrates said that “Exercise is the best medicine.”  I’d rather take a walk than a pill any day.  Wouldn’t you?

Thanks for reading.  Hope your week is filled with Action!