Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat

Subtitle:  Computer – 1, Woman – 0

I began this post a week ago.  At that time I had taken a walk along the beautiful trail that runs near our house and I was ready to download the photos I took of the early spring day.

Well, that didn’t happen!

I have to tell you that my love/hate relationship with my computer and all my electronic devices has now become a hate/hate relationship!  Hey, I’m still attracted to every new device and gadget that comes out on the market, but the scales have fallen from my eyes.  Those devices all HATE me!!!

First of all I was able to load the photos onto my computer from my camera.  Great!  Except that when I went to “insert” them into my blog, I was faced with a blank screen.  There was no way that I was going to be able to get those photos into my post that day.  Or the next.  Or…

Right.  I shut the computer off and have been seething with resentment and bitterness ever since.  Why am I writing another post when it is obvious that, despite being married to an electrical engineer who knows all about these fiendish machines, I know ZIP, NADA, RIEN???

It’s like this.  I need to post.  I need to write.  I need to share.

My computer woes have me shook up.  I decided to “e-file” my taxes this year.  With my income it should be a quick job.  Heck, my daughter did hers while talking to me, and despite a medical condition which I’ve written about in my post “Braless at the Heart Institute”.  Hers took twenty minutes.  Mine took two and a half hours.  I got into one of those “loops” that had me going around in circles like a merry-go-round.  Lots of noise but going nowhere.

I wanted to buy an e-book for my Kobo reader.  Nothing simpler?  Ha!!!  When it came time to check-out, the ******* machine asked for a coupon number.  Keyed it in.  Then it asked for the security code.  Keyed it in.  Then it asked for the coupon number.  Then it asked for the security code.  It was the run-around again and I gave up.  In the end the machine added the cost of the book to my credit card account which I didn’t really want.

Why do I still salivate when I hear about a new tablet, computer, smart phone, or PDA???  I don’t know.  Do you?

By the way, notice there are no photos in this post.


8 responses

  1. It happens to us all. There are times when I write the post in 15 minutes and then spend an hour and a half inserting a photo or video or something. You certainly captured the feeling!

  2. Yes, dealing with electronics can be an excerise in frustration when things don’t go as we planned. Read my latest post to check out how addicted I am to all these e-gadgets. As far as your pictures are concerned, just do the best writing you can and the rest will come. Hang in there…

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