Since the beginning of April I’ve been trying to meet the “challenge” of posting 26 days in April, using all 26 letters in the alphabet.  Today’s effort involves the letter “I”, so I decided to write about myself!  I mean it’s my blog, I can write what I want!

I used to live in Nova Scotia, and I cannot imagine a better more beautiful, peaceful place in which to be brought up.  My town had only 4,500 residents, which increased by about 2,000 when the university was in session.  I went to high school and university there and got my teaching degree there.

I was born into a family which already had 4 brothers.  Eventually we five were joined by 3 more brothers and 3 sisters (thank God).  I love and respect all of my siblings and miss my brother Jimmy, who died six years ago at the age of 55.

I started teaching in Alberta at the age of 20.  I was so young that on pay-day, once a month, when the teachers at my school went out for a beer, I was too young to get into the bar!  I didn’t drink anyway and still don’t.  My first assignment was a class of 34 Grade 1 students.  I still remember them fondly.

I met my husband in Alberta and we got engaged after only 3 months and married the following summer.  He’s still my hubby after nearly 46 years.

I went to Zambia, Central Africa, to teach as a volunteer with CUSO, a Canadian university volunteer organization.  I taught Math to high school students, which was a challenge after teaching six-year-olds.  I made many good friends there.

I have 4 daughters who are wonderful women.  Between them, they have all the virtues covered!  They have given me 8 grandchildren – 5 boys and 3 girls, the best ever!

I have visited 14 countries, lived in 3, visited 3 continents, and also visited 9 out of 10 Canadian provinces and 1 out of 3 Canadian territories.  My hubby is from the Northwest Territories, north of the 60th parallel.

I taught in elementary schools until I retired at age 65, two years ago.  A fantastic career and very fulfilling.

I recently moved to Ottawa, and am enjoying the life here.  The future is waiting for more adventures!


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