Eight (Reasons I am Happy)

I am a happy person.  I tend to see the bright side of situations and people alike.  I choose to be happy.

  1. I have a husband who loves me and has always been my biggest fan.
  2. I have four intelligent, lovely, kind, thoughtful, and compassionate daughters.
  3. My daughters have given me the absolute best gift any person could ever have.  I have eight amazing grandchildren ranging in age from 6 to 14.  I averaged one a year for a while!  These kids are hilariously funny and so sweet.
  4. I had a successful and fulfilling career as an elementary school teacher.  I loved each student and found them interesting and funny.  Every year when I got my class list for the coming year, I prayed for all of my students and their families.  It often helped to see them as I imagined God saw them.  Little ones in need of educating.
  5. I can’t say enough about the friends I’ve had.  My three sisters, my seven brothers, my cousin, and all the other teacher friends and art club friends have made my life a joy.
  6. I live in a city that has been named the best city in Canada in which to live.  We moved here in mid-December and we have loved every minute of living closer to three of our daughters.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to visit more often with our fourth daughter who lives on the west coast of Canada.
  7. I have a great hobby – my art.  It has been something which I can pick up at any time and I can become totally engrossed.  I’m not as good as I’d like to be, but I’m better than I was, and it brings me happiness.
  8. This is the most important source of my happiness and peace.  I am happy that I am a Christian.. This Easter season I am thankful for His sacrifice and for his Resurrection.

Thank you for reading and have a Happy Easter. – Maureen


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