Spring Has Sprung

Yes, I know this is Canada.  I know it is still early March.  I know that spring does not oficially arrive until March 20th.  I know that Winter could sneak back and bite us in the a**, BUT…

I hereby officially announce that in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Spring is here.

Every year, our family has an informal contest on who will spot the first robin of spring.  Now usually Daughter #2, Lindi, who lives in Vancouver, sees the robin first.  Second place would go to Daughter #3, Carla, , who lives in Montreal, or to me in Toronto, followed by Daughter #4, Monica,  or Daughter #1, Michelle, who both live in Ottawa. 

Since I was staying with Monica and her family, I decided to make a chart and get the kids involved in the “robin spotting”.  Well, that came back to bite me in the b**, because I quickly realized that I would have to give a prize to all  of the kids.

Monica, who is recovering slowly from pericarditis, an inflammation around the heart, spotted the first robin of 2012, on March 7, which is quite early.  It was an unseasonably warm day with high winds from the southwest and we figure the robins were borne in on the stiff breeze.  I don’t know if they even knew where they were.

Today is the beginning of March Break from school.  For once we can call it “spring” break and not sound like wistful fools.  The snow is almost gone and the weather promises to be warm (around 50º +) and mostly sunny. 

My Bermuda sister came for another visit and we went for a walk on our trail.  It was all clear and just beautiful.  Yesterday evening Hubby and I went for another walk on the trail and we found it covered with water!!!  We had to turn back!!!

But that’s spring!  Warm, cold, sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, SPRING!!!


12 responses

  1. AHH Spring! Another one of the great things about Canada. We live three months of snow, cold, north wind, shovelling, freezing…. Then the robins show up and we experience a new outlook on life. The most beautiful season of all. SPRING! E.

    • I agree, Eleanor. Hope you’ve been able to get out for walks. John and I went on the trail today and although it was covered with water in some places, it was shallow enough to wade through. So so nice!

      • We have been out walking. The air this morning smelled like spring. Yesterday we noticed pussy willows along Harmony Creek. The maple tree across the street has buds as does the magnolia 3 doors down. The tulips are showing themselves in the front garden. We spent some time watching two downy woodpeckers cavorting in the birch tree in our yard. Birds are everywhere. My favorite spring sound is the song of the cardinal. We’ve been hearing them for 2 or 3 weeks now. E.

  2. No birds here (north of Calgary) yet … in fact now that I think about it, we don’t see many anyway except for geese. Must be the lack of tree cover.

    Enjoy your spring!

  3. I saw a robin in my front yard here in halifax about two weeks ago ! I always get excited about my first robin sighting of the year as it usually means spring is not far behind 😀

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