Ottawa 67

It’s the big day.  I’m 67 years old, only three years away from 70!!!

Here is my birthday photo.

I'm 67 years old today!

Thanks for reading. – Maureen.

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    • Having family nearby is the greatest. I only wish my other two daughters and their families lived nearby as well! I also have a cousin, three brothers, and a sister living in Ottawa and another sister is moving back here next month.

    • Thanks you, Jessie. My sister highly recommends your blog. I’ll be sure to check it out. Btw, it’s called Ottawa 67, because Ottawa has a hockey team called the 67s (1867 is when Canada became a country.) and I live in Ottawa and I am 67!!! When my hubby turns 67 in May we will be the Ottawa 67s! Forget the hockey team!

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