Arts & Crafts Night

Our Arts & Crafts night was a success.  I had everything ready this month and was looking forward to seeing my daughters, my cousin and her daughter.

A good workspace. The Cricut is on the left.

Monica arrived and wanted to make Valentines cards for her children to give out.  In all they have to give out 80 valentines and rather than spend money on “Star Wars” cards or “Hello Kitty” cards, she decided to craft them and have the kids, aged 5 and 7, address and sign them.

We all got involved.  I made the hearts using the Cricut machine.  This machine uses cartridges to select and cut out shapes and words, such as flowers, hearts, etc.  The others helped Monica assemble the parts, glue on the hearts, stamp them and cut the edges with fancy scissors.

Before the cutting, gluing, and stamping began.We were all hard at work.Patti is a great help!The finished product!

Thanks for reading!

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