Mad at my Sister

I have three sisters, and I love them dearly.  BUT I am quite upset with one of them.  She is normally a very nice, kind, generous, lovely person, but every once in a while she lets loose a vicious mean streak and that’s what she did today!

My sister, (I’ll call her Helen, because that’s her name) lives in Bermuda.  This is not normally a problem!  I love visiting her there and have done so many times.  Do you know what it is like to visit a warm, sunny country in the middle of a typical Canadian winter?  It makes you want to weep! 

Every time I leave that country, I stand at the top of that little ladder they provide for you to get on the plane, and I close my eyes and try to memorize the heat!!!  It is very difficult to do but I manage it for the two-hour journey back to Canada.  It’s fine in the airport but as soon as I step outside, the blast of snow, wind and c-o-l-d knocks the memory right out of me.  I can’t even remember my name let alone the heat.

I know I am digressing but I have to set the stage so you can properly understand the perfidy she unloosed this morning.  It is rare that one has to endure such things but she showed a treacherous nature that shook me to the depths of my being.

It happened on Facebook!!!  Yes, in a public forum.  She … oh I can hardly say it …  she said, “Brrr.  It is really cold here!”  Cold!  And she was born and brought up in Nova Scotia, the snow capital of the world where the day after a winter storm you can step right out of your second floor window to wend your way to school!

I noticed that she got comments from as far apart as Vancouver and Cape Breton.  Her commenters were polite.  They were nice.  They were understanding when she said, in that little girl voice of hers, (well, I couldn’t hear her of course, but I know that voice), “You have to understand it is 57 º here but it’s damp”!!!


In basically all of Canada, it is -236 degrees and don’t even ask what the wind-chill is!  The meteorologists at Environment Canada were going to tell us but their lawyer advised them not to because of the very real possibility of multiple cardiac arrests across the nation. 

Seriously, what do you think of a sister who would complain, (yes, complain, Helen) about the cold, when her older sister is on her knees praying for spring to come?

My sister and fellow blogger (Yes, you, will no doubt try to stir up your sympathies, but I know you’re on my side in this.  Aren’t you???


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  1. Sister dearest, you are in BIG trouble! ha ha ha
    I know it’s not like Canada kind of cold here; but it is still cccccold.
    Go ahead and get your team in place….the fight has just begun!
    LOVE this post….my favourite ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Helen- when the temperature is 57F Canadians wear SHORTS ! You are a wimp after all those years of warm weather – but I’m sure Maureen loves you anyway 🙂 I do 😀

  3. Maureen, I have to take Helen’s side on this one. You are obviously a tough old gal compared to her and 57 degrees must feel like -40 below to her. It’s all relative! LOL! 😉

  4. Maureen, I agree with Carla, instead of getting mad at your sister, I think you need to start embracing the cold and take up a winter sport. It really makes you look forward to the snow and even makes the months pass quicker.

    May I suggest some new sports (new tricks) for you to try…Downhill Skiing? Speed Skating? Sledding? Snowshoeing? Cross Country Skiing?

    Maybe you should post on these possibilities?

  5. It snowed inside my car today…you know when you open the door to get in and by the time you get in you are sitting on a snowdrift that blew into the car while you struggled to get inside and then the snow whirls around as the heat fan blows. Gotta give this one to you… it is cold in the North. Bermuda, not so much 😉

  6. I have to side with both of you on this. The winters in Canada are brutal! However there is a certain kind of harshness about Bermuda winter albeit for one or two months tops! The same humidity that makes 76 degrees feel like 150 degrees in the summer can make 57 degrees feel like it’s about to snow! And in my dear mother’s defense, we are not equipped for the winter so whilst you may literally freeze with icicles hanging from your nose in Canada, you will still be in the warmth of indoor shelter soon enough. We on the other hand have houses designed for the hot summers with no central heating. The wind whips through our houses leaving us chilled to the bone as if we were sitting on a cold cement floor in a damp cellar. Oh wait….that’s exactly what it’s like! While it is cold enough to complain, I do not forget my winters in Halifax when I thought that my ears could freeze and break off!

  7. I am one of your sisters faithful followers and I have to agree with you. She takes Bermuda for granted! I look at the pictures on her blog and just dream. It’s like a mini-vacation for those of us in the northeast are freezing our petoodies off! (Ok, I have to admit, it has been a mild winter….but still!) I say, YOU WIN!

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