A New Goal Met

As of this morning I am down 15.4 pounds since September 1st.

My eating has been wonderful but I’m going to try to increase the number of veggies I eat.  I have not had junk for months but at Christmas I ate lots of turkey with the usual sides.  We don’t live near “junk food” places any more so that temptation is gone.

I have not got back on to the Wii since the move but tomorrow is probably a good day for that.  I have found out that there is a mall-walking club at the St. Laurent Centre.  It is held only three mornings a week from 8:30 to 10:30, and I think I will investigate it.  Good for the winter months.  The pathways around our new house are great for walking and biking (in the spring) and are plowed early in the mornings.  I just love the one near us.

So to recap:

  • Not eating junk
  • No guilt feelings
  • No stress
  • More frequent exercise
  • Weight loss: 15.4 lbs.

My reward for losing 20 pounds, which I hope will happen by the end of March, is to buy myself a new pair of jeans.  Maybe I’ll even take a photo for that occasion.

 I think this “old girl” is learning some “new tricks”.


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  1. Whee, this sounds great! And eating lots of veggies definitely helps to feel good! I think I eat 2 lbs of veggies a day, in the average. My whole diet is based on veggies now, and I’m finally feeling well. 🙂

    Yay for the Wii! So cool you also have one! 😀

    • Hi: Thanks for reading. All I did was the following: On September 1, I decided I was ready to cut out all junk food. I do not eat between or after my evening meal. I do not eat junk food. That’s it! I do not feel guilty if I have something on a special occasion, but I don’t go overboard. And now, four and A half months later, I am down more than 15 pounds. I do walking and the Wii for exercise. Good luck on your weight loss journey. – Maureen

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