Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Last night two of my dear friends hosted a going-away party for Hubby and me at a local pub.  I was expecting six people to be there and there were almost 40!  I was overwhelmed! 

(I brought my camera but the battery died just after I arrived.  Others took photos and promised to send them to me.  I’ll post them as soon as I get them.)

Anyway, I thought I looked pretty good (for an old girl).  I had my hair cut and styled in the morning and after a busy day of packing up the house, I put on a touch of make-up and I was ready to party.

Most of the people there I hadn’t seen for years. Many are retired like me, and many are teaching at other schools.  We laughed so much at the old memories, like the time we played “Buzzword Bingo” during a staff meeting. 

Here’s how you play.  You make up a bingo card of common words or phrases that you think will be said at the meeting.  A couple of examples would be “curriculum” and “report cards”.  As the principal (Tim) says the words you check them off your card and the first person who fills their card wins.  Tim didn’t know anything about it so we had to think of a way for the winner to let the rest of us know.  We decided that he or she should stand up and pretend to sneeze.

When Donna stood up to sneeze we were in stitches. I think it was my most enjoyable staff meeting.  Everyone paid close attention to Tim.  We told him a couple of weeks later and he got a good laugh out of it.

Then there was the time a class had a substitute teacher.  One of the boys in the class had a computer to help him with his writing and the computer would verbalize the words he typed.  He kept writing “HOOTERS” and the computer would say “HOOTERS”. The teacher went to the principal, Tim, and told him about it.  Tim, who had NEVER heard the term before, said he’d handle it and he went to Louise, the vice-principal.  She hadn’t heard it either!  Louise came to me and asked me what it meant and I told her.  We teased Tim mercilessly about that one.  I told him we should come up with a new school motto, “I don’t give a hoot”!

We talked about our grade 4 unit on Medieval Times where the principal and VP dressed up like the King and Queen and knighted the students.  One year the principal wore his bathrobe and the VP spent hours the night before making her costume out of purple velvet drapes she found at Goodwill.  You could still see the pinch-pleats all around the neck!  It was the most amazing costume ever.

One teacher had a student bite him and he had to have a tetanus shot!!! Another asked parents to make “play-dough” for her kindergarten class to use. She gave them a recipe which called for cream of tartar.  The young mother didn’t know what cream of tartar was so she called a friend who told her it was tartar sauce!  The child brought it in to class and one of the kids picked it up and said, “Mrs. C. the play-dough is sticky and it stinks!”

Friends hugged me and said nice things to me.  There were gifts and cards, each one filled with beautiful thoughts and the promise of many prayers.

So many people said they were going to come to Ottawa to visit us, that I told Hubby, “If half the people who said they would visit actually do visit, we are going to be very busy.”



6 responses

  1. awe, so so sweet for sure.
    I loved the funny stories you shared. I can just see you in the meeting with the Principal. ha ha
    So many friends……you are greatly loved and will be sadly missed.
    I am so thankful for all you are….a TERRIFIC sister and a GREAT friend!
    Fabulous post!

  2. Maureen I feel teary and goose bumpy after reading you ‘party blog’. It was just like breathing coming to a party for you. You are the best and dearest person; always there with a listenning non-judgemental ear and a related experience to share to help guide and suggest. I love you and will be road tripping to Ottawa. Donna Mae

    • Thanks,Barbara. I actually retired almost two years ago. The party was because my husband and I are moving from the Toronto area (Oshawa) to Canada’s capital, Ottawa. We are moving to be closer to three of our four daughters, so we are happy about that! But teaching was a great career and very rewarding, especially now that I meet former students in all sorts of situations and places.

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