It’s My Move – Part 3

Every morning for the past month, I’ve woken up with a feeling that something good is happening.  Then I remember – we’re moving to Ottawa, to be closer to 3 of our 4 daughters.  One lives in Vancouver, but I figure with all the money I’ll save NOT visiting these three, I’ll be able to fly out to Vancouver more often.

We also have eight grandchildren and we’ll be living near seven of them.  It will be very different for us, and we are looking forward to the adventure.

Here’s what we’ve been doing for the last week.  We have made numerous visits to the Dump, where the guys who work there now greet us and we exchange pleasantries.  Did I tell you my husband owns/owned a gazillion books?  He has told the moving company he will be taking only 1,000 books with him and we have been donating the excess to the library and to local charities.

Today we drove by Value Village and he wanted to stop in for a quick look around.  I think he feels like he has visitation rights to those books and he wants to check up on them.  I let him go in by himself.  I think he’d like to be alone with them.

We went to The Moving Store and bought cardboard boxes and packing tape.  They have a showroom with displays set up of all the different boxes and what they are used for.  Book boxes, dishes, lamps, mirrors, paintings, clothing, and wardrobe boxes to name a few. 

Took them home, put them together, and started filling them.  Needless to say, tomorrow we have to go back to get some more boxes.  We have more magazines, etc. for recycling tomorrow and we are preparing for next week’s Large Garbage Pickup #2. 

Daughter #4 is coming next weekend to give us a hand and I’d like to have most of the house packed and ready to go.  Moving Day is only 10 days away and there’s still a lot to be done.

I’ve made a list of all the items still in the freezer and posted it on the fridge door.  As I use them, I check them off the list. I’m also cleaning as I go, so there’s not as much to do on the last day.

Hydro, water, gas have been notified of our moving date, and we’ve set up the same to be started at the other end.  On|December 16, Daughter #2 is driving up from Montreal to Ottawa to give us a hand with the unpacking.  She’ll arrive the day after we do.  It’s only a two-hour drive and we are looking forward to seeing her.  Her help will be welcome.

On Wednesday evening a couple of friends are hosting a dinner party for Hubby and me to say good-bye to all the friends we’ve made in our twenty years in Oshawa.  I know I’ll be crying but a few of us are already planning visits.

The weather is still holding out.  No snow yet and we are praying for good weather for the whole move.  After December 15, it would be nice to have a little snow!

Another busy week ahead, with so much to do.  I am so excited!!!





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  1. I suppose it can be hard for some people to let go of certain treasured items. But at the same time it can be a load off your back as you start your new life in Ottawa!!!

  2. What a tremendous amount of work. I love that you are sensitive to your husband’s needs to be alone with his books 😉 Made me laugh. Sounds like your are very organized and prepared for this next great adventure!

    • It IS an adventure. I am sooo organized. I really should write a book called, “It’s Your Move”.

      Hubby and I have been trying, successfully I think, to think of life as a series of adventures. We started out at age 21, after three days of marriage, going to Africa and working for two years as volunteers (Pay: 2,400/yr.).

  3. I love following your “moving” blog (in both senses of the word) though it does tend to tire me out somewhat and I have to go in search of a nice ‘cuppa’
    By the way, I also like how you refer to your daughters by their birth order. I have a fun idea….start referring to them in order of your favourites……wouldn’t that start a nice Christmas brawl.???!! kidding
    I refer to mine as follows:
    She who must be obeyed
    She who must be in charge
    and She who must be crazy……just joking darling daughters of mine! lol
    My only son is naturally….He who is perfect and had been the least headache to us and who has been the least expensive to raise. AND his sisters all know this! HAH!

    • I LOLed at your names for your daughters!!! And your son!!! Hilarious. The packing is going well. Hubby #1 is trying to get his books down to 1,000. That’s how many he told the moving company he was taking with him!!!

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