Sealed With a Kiss

One of the nice things about downsizing is finding little surprises.  We ‘ve had a few and they’ve all been nice. 

There was one that seemed like it wouldn’t turn out so well, but I’m happy to say that it was a false alarm.

My husband found a plastic bag that contained a pair of boots that I had been looking for for a couple of years.  They are a little more fashionable than my usual winter wear and I love them.  Great news.  I took them into our bedroom to try on and to admire myself in the mirror. I put my foot in and felt something.  Uh oh! I had a little peek.  I saw FUR!  I (crazily) put my hand in, all the while praying, Please don’t let it be a mouse. 

It was a child’s toy, a little cat, and I breathed as sigh of relief.  I know I had those boots in my classroom last and obviously some child dropped the cat in there, either accidentally or intentionally.  Did they want me to have a cardiac arrest???

The nicest surprise was also found by my husband – our love letters!

We got engaged at the age of 20, and were married by 21. I was already a university graduate and was teaching in Alberta, about 2,500 miles from my Nova Scotia home.  I had known him for only three months; he was a fourth year engineering student, and we were planning to get married and go to Africa to work.  When he graduated, he went to Montreal to work for a couple of months before our marriage.  We were apart for 60 days.  He wrote me 60 letters and I wrote him 120!  (A little foretaste of our marriage I always tell him.)

Every day I went to the mail box and popped in two letters (cost of the stamp – $0.05).  Hubby is rather shy, shall we say, and I really went overboard on those letters.  I put heavy lipstick on and made kiss marks all over the envelopes.  I sprayed each page with perfume and once even sprayed perfume into the mail box!  When I think of how embarrassed he must have been in front of all his room mates, I still laugh. 

He told me that the mailman used to say to the owner of the house where he was living, “Vous-avez un amoureur dans votre maison, M.” (You have a lover in your house, Monsieur.)

I have not yet reread them.  I remember our letters as tender, funny, and yearning.  We were two young people with dreams of the future.  We wanted to make a contribution to the people of Africa, we planned our family and spoke of our dreams for our future children.  I told him about the funny, sweet things my six year old students did and said.  He told me about his colleagues at work and about meeting my parents and brothers and sisters for the first time.

We poured out our hearts to each other.  We were young and in love.

I have not yet reread them.  I’m saving them for a day when I have time.  Time to revisit the past, time to remember.


15 responses

  1. What an absolute treasure. And I say it’s nice that you’re so busy enjoying and living in the present you don’t have time to relive the past right now. And p.s. – I’m glad it wasn’t a mouse. I always have this fear when I slip into a pair of boots from the winter before that there will be a spider.. Arachnaphobia is alive and well in my psyche!

  2. LOVED this post.
    I can just see the two of you looking through those old love letters and thinking a few things…
    Was I ever THAT young? and was I ever THAT innocent as well as…..
    If I’d known some of what we had to go through to get to today, I may have chickened out. HA!

  3. My husband sent me letters in our early years. I sent him tons of cards. On the 10 year anniversary of our first date, he was traveling for business. I wrapped up a bunch of those old cards I had sent to him and sneaked them in his luggage. One Christmas, a few years ago, I took the letters he had sent to me and chose phrases from many as the text to narrate a scrapbook that I made for him, chronicling our relationship. Not sure he thought it was as clever as I did!

  4. What a nice story. I should save all the text messages that my hubby and I have exchanged over the years. Somehow it’s not quite as romantic though. But I just remembered that I have saved all the birthday and anniversary cards he has sent me! Who knows where they are in the house now though. I am not terribly sentimental.

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