It’s My Move, Part 3 -The Dump

When I was a child in Nova Scotia, our town had a Dump.  Dad sometimes took some of us kids on a trip to drop trash off and I can tell you it was an exciting experience.  Things were happening there!

When my little sister was a teenager, she had a couple of friends who went parking and necking at… yes, the DUMP!!!  How romantic can a guy get?  I mean, the smell alone… But to each his own, I guess. 

We have been downsizing, gradually, for many months.  But in the last couple of weeks, it has taken on a new urgency, because we found a house and are moving to Ottawa in December, just days before Christmas. 

In less than two weeks, we have gotten rid of about a quarter of the junk stuff in our house.  We have made eight trips to the Waste Management Facility (The Dump) and got rid of scores of computers, computer parts, and other assorted electronics (not that my husband is a hoarder or anything). 

I still love the dump!  Things are hoppin’ there!  There are bulldozers and tractors everywhere.  There are men, young men, working and flexing their .. oops, I got carried away for a second. 

And it is so organized!  You drive in, get weighed (your car, not you, thank God) . You drop off your stuff and get weighed again on the way out.  There are different “stations” for each type of trash. 

Wood goes in one area, styrofoam another, cardboard, paper, hard cover and soft cover books others.  There is a section for oil, paint, hazardous household waste, electronics, appliances, and there is an area all by itself, in a far corner, for … Toilets.  There is a mound of them about twenty feet high. If you brought your toddler there, he would want to explore and use every single one.

All of the young men who work there are amazingly cheerful.  They  greet you with a smile, wish you a good day and actually thank you for visiting and bringing your grungy toilet or whatever.  They comment on the weather which has been unseasonably warm and sunny.  

People are running around, dropping off a stack of cardboard here and then running across the road to drop off styrofoam in the little building over there.  I saw a young woman, blond, fashionably dressed, pick up a couple of heavy computers from the back of her truck and toss them in the electronic bin like a couple of  paperback books.

I saw one of the young workers today and I commented to him, “I love this place.”  He answered in a booming voice, “So do I.  I love it so much that I come here almost every day.” I left there happy.

We have also taken several loads of used books to the library and many, many things to Value Village.  We have sold a few items on Kijiji and have actually managed to pack a few things.

We hired a moving company this week, so that is a load of our minds.  We are too old to be loading  and unloading  a truck.  Our daughters will be happy to hear that since I know they worry about us.  Things are going well and we are progressing as we should.

The next challenge will be Monday’s large garbage pickup.  How are we going to get the heavy things down to the curb?  I can picture us, two 66 year olds, pushing and pulling, and grunting, and hopefully not expiring, as we manhandle the old heavy floor-model TV set or the heavy oak desk that is 5 and a half feet long, down the driveway and onto the grass near the street. 

We’ll probably be on YouTube next week!


6 responses

  1. You know, we’d all have a lot less garbage (and would collect a lot less crap) if we had to haul it off to the dump.

    In Maine, where I go on vacation, we have to go to the dump. And sure enough, we have much less stuff to throw out!

  2. I wouldn’t think a post about “the dump” could be inspiring – but you did it. I’ll never forget Marianne Williamson saying in a conference I attended years ago that when we clear out the clutter and STUFF in our lives – we make way for so much better to come in.

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