It’s My Move – Part 2

Packing and tossing and donating!

That’s been the rhythm of the last week.  Actually, tossing comes first, then donating and then packing. 

We have recycling pickup every week and really I should have taken a photo of the MOUNTAIN of paper, cardboard, magazines, and books that we had out at our curb.  We weren’t sure they would take it all, so had planned that when the truck came around the corner, I would run out and we would offer to help throw it in the truck.  Then we said a prayer that there would be no problems.

When I talked to the guy, he just smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it all.”  And he did!  One strong (nice) young man and the mountain was moved.  Thank you!!!

Yesterday afternoon my hubby put a couple of ads on Kijiji.  Have you ever heard of it?  You can place an ad for FREE and sell everything from cars to cardboard!  It like a computer “classified” section.

Last night we sold the drafting table.  I had used it for my art but there won’t be room in the new house, so out it went.  I think the most satisfying part was that it went to a young man who is a student studying sheet metal and he needed it for his homework.  He was happy and so were we!

We even got our house on Kijiji!  Can you believe it?  A house!  On Kijiji!

Next weekend I will be doing a post on THE DUMP, so don’t miss it.  Complete with photos. I’m going to try to get a picture of one particular area that you will NOT believe!  Hope to find a few minutes to post throughout the week.



10 responses

  1. wow, how terrific to be forced to do a Spring Cleaning (in the autumn)….
    Looking forward to all the excitement.
    Never heard of that web site for selling and buying etc.
    great post

    • It IS good to spring clean in the autumn! I can’t believe all those things were in our house. Yes, Kijiji is a site where you can place free ads and everything is sold that way these days. If you want a fancier ad then you can pay for it but most people just use the free ones.

      I am beginning to get tired earlier and last night went to bed before 9!!!

      • No, I meant to eliminate the clutter. We move every 5-10 years, and just get bigger houses. There are boxes here from our move in 1989, still unopened. But you never know, there may be something in there that we need…

        I am impressed with your pitching. I will try to emulate you. You are my new hero!

      • We used to move to bigger houses and then when the girls started to leave home, we started going in the other direction. That’s why I call us Boomerangs. Gone out there, on the way back.

        (I knew you meant the clutter!)

    • I don’t know if you have kijiji in the States. But here it is all the rage. My daughter has sold her kids’ strollers, and the winter tires for their last car. They have also given away a swing set and a doll house. It’s a great decluttering tool!

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