Downsizing – Two Ways

I am once again downsizing. 

Way #1 – Since September 1, I have lost a total of 9.5 pounds.  It has been so easy.  I just gave up all junk food and stopped eating between meals.  The result is that whenever I go to eat I am reminded of my determination to eat healthy.  I have not had any cravings and hope it remains that way. 

My jeans were falling off me today!  How fun is that!  I’m going to so much enjoy shopping for a new wardrobe, probably in the spring!  In my new house!

Way #2 –  We are downsizing our household.  Today we walked about a mile or so to the car rental company and drove home in a nice Ford Focus.  We made two trips to the local recycling centre, with electronic waste.  Did I ever tell you that Hubby is a computer geek guy who owns dozens of computers, computer parts and computer go-withs?

We recycled about fifteen “486” computers, printers, hard drives, mother-boards, mice, modems, video cards, and monitors.  There were also telephones from as far back as the 70s, web cameras, short wave radios, regular radios, stereos, speakers, amplifiers, VCRs, and DVD players.  It took two car loads to get rid of it all. 

On the way home we stopped at City Hall to register ourselves as senior citizens, because now we are permitted unlimited, free, extra garbage pickups for larger items.  That will be good for our old TVs and no longer useful furniture pieces. 

Then, off to Value Village where we made two trips to bring toys, books, scrapbook magazines, art magazines, balls of knitting wool, old fans, air cleaners, jigsaw puzzles, wicker baskets, old CDs, ornaments, candles, and more books.  One of the workers there was a former student who seemed as happy to see me as I was to see him.

Then we went to the library to make a huge donation of romance and mystery books, computer books, Archie comic books, children’s books, and art books.  They were very happy to get them and they will either be on the shelves soon or they will be sold at the next library book sale.  In any case a donation to a worthy cause.

We then went to get a few groceries and made a food donation to the Salvation Army. 

We still have the car for two more days and are planning another trip to the electronic waste depot tomorrow morning, followed by more downsizing and more drop-offs.

We have been busy all week getting ready for these three days with the car but we are also going to enjoy a nice drive in the country while we can.  The days are warm and sunny and we love being outdoors.

Downsizing can really be fun!


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    • We are still managing to enjoy ourselves! Another busy day today. Two trips to the electronic waste recycling centre as well as the library donation centre and Value Village. I can’t believe we had so much junk!!!

    • I am very pleased with both myself and the household. Apparently it is easier to lose weight when you are not surrounded by clutter. We started downsizing a year ago, but now with the move only three weeks away, it is in full swing!

  1. I love to declutter. So much so that sometimes I have to stop myself from giving something away that I might actually want to keep. Congratulations on the weight and clutter losses.

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